We all want to look fabulous in our clothes. Style is a true balance between comfort, fashion, our unique taste, and what will look good on our figures. While we may have most of the bases covered when it comes to personal style, it’s always good to know tips and tricks for how to dress best for your particular body type. Did you know that the neckline you wear can make you look taller? Or shorter? Yes! Everything from pant length to color to something as simple as a neckline can work for or against petites. We want you to truly shine in your clothing, so we’re sharing five necklines to gravitate towards for the most flattering look.

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The v-neck top is a classic, perfect for layering, or just showing off a great necklace. The neckline also happens to be a wonderful option for petites! The v-shape lengthens the neck area, providing the illusion of more length on the body overall. V-necks are also a fab option for busty women for the same reasons.

If you aren’t busty, you can also opt for button-up tops as another v-neck option (the space between buttons may gape on busty figures; here are some tips to help fix that!).

photo: Veronica Bonilla, 5'0" 


The turtleneck also lengthens and streamlines the figure. This is due to the extra fabric which lies up on the neck. A sleek turtleneck dress, as seen on Jean Wang of Extra Petite below, instantly creates a long, lean black line.

Another option for creating the illusion of a long silhouette is pairing a turtleneck with pants and shoes in the same hue. While you can have fun with a bit of volume, it is best to choose a turtleneck that is thinner so that it doesn’t overwhelm your smaller frame.

photo: Jean Wang, 5'0" 


Another stylish neckline for petites is the scoop. This neckline is lower than a crewneck, adding length to the neck area, instead of cutting it. The subtle pop of skin also creates a balance when pairing a top with an oversized outer layer.

As shown by Sheryl Luke of Walk in Wonderland, petites can totally rock the on-trend, ‘90s oversized look; you just have to balance it out with more streamlined pieces! Finally, the scoop neck is a great option for those who don’t like or want a v-neck.

photo: Sheryl Luke, 5'2" 


By now, we have learned that lower necklines add the illusion of length to the neck. You have the scoop neck and v-neck to help create that look. On the flip side, you have the turtleneck to add length with fabric.

If you want a bit more drama and fashion to a lower neckline, the square is the way to go. It adds both length and a bit of width, and its square shape literally creates a portrait frame in which to showcase an amazing necklace, and/or a bit of cleavage.

photo: Tiffany, 5'2" 


The final neckline for petites that we will be talking about is off-the-shoulder. This style shows off a flattering part of the body, while also allowing for a voluminous top that won’t overwhelm a petite frame.

The off-the-shoulder style will also help create width for those with narrow shoulders, which is a total win-win situation. When it’s time to dress up, be it for the holidays, a night out, or just grabbing a coffee, an off-the-shoulder top or dress will add drama, while also balancing out curves on the lower half of the body. Another fashion win-win!

photo: Christine, 5'2" 

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*Cover photo: Pinterest