When I first read that Mindy Kaling was 5'4", I was stunned. I had no clue she was a part of the petite family! This got me thinking, "How can I pull off her petite-positive and fearless style?". I dived deep into her personal Instagram and endless Pinterest images to find out her tips and tricks on how she embraces her petite frame. Along the way, I fell in love with her bold and colorful ensembles and clear confidence to wear what she wants, how she wants. Plus, she’s someone I wish I was best friends with! Who wouldn’t want a hilarious, smart, and relatable friend around 24/7?! Here are 5 takeaways on how Mindy nails her petite style and how you can imitate it too.

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Dresses, Dresses, Dresses

The way Mindy wears a dress should win an Oscar. From sheaths to fit & flares, she has found what style of dress fits her proportions, especially when it comes to choosing the correct length. Although she sometimes sports a longer midi or maxi, she keeps to the realm of a little above her knees in most styles.

Showing off your legs and pairing them with a neutral pump can instantly create the illusion of a taller figure if desired. Plus, a great-fitting dress is an effortless outfit to throw on and meet up with your friends in while feeling and looking sensational!

Rock the Correct Inseam

When Mindy chooses to wear jeans, she does it right by wearing the correct inseam. We have all been there—when we find an amazing pair of jeans but they are just too long for our petite frame. But we can't stop wearing them because they are almost perfect. Wearing scrunched-up jeans or leggings can actually shorten the length of your legs.

For a great fit, get out your measuring tape and measure a pair of bottoms, with a length you already love, from the inside crotch seam to the hem of the pant, and voila! You've found your perfect inseam and a great way to add length if desired! You can also check out How to Find Your Perfect Petite Inseam on our blog for extra inseam tips. ;)

Mix Prints or Go Monochrome

Mindy is not afraid to experiment when it comes to bold colors or patterns. Sometimes for petites, large prints can overwhelm your proportions. When branching out, try sticking to smaller prints like micro florals, polka dots, or vertical stripes. A different approach could be mixing different textures of fabric. I like to style my animal print faux leather skirt with a satin striped blouse for a whimsical yet chic outfit!

If prints are not your thing, take inspiration from some of Mindy’s head-to-toe monochrome looks. Well, what is “Monochrome”? In the styling world, it’s a look made up of one color or shades of the same color. Pull out some similar-colored pieces from your own closet and see what amazing outfits you can come up with!

Belt & Tuck it

Accentuating your waist by using a belt or tucking in a shirt is a classic go-to for us shorties and Mindy is no stranger to this technique. Wearing tops that aren’t petite can feel long and overwhelming and tucking into jeans or a midi skirt helps show off your figure and adds shape.

If belts are a new accessory to you, try a skinny belt! This won't just do the trick, but the slimmer belt style won't add unnecessary bulk to a petite frame. Sometimes I like my short waist to feel extra snatched so I’ll pair a skinny belt with a fit and flare dress which helps me get that hourglass shape I love to rock.

Embrace Your Body Shape

Not only is Mindy the belle of the ball in my opinion but she has a bell shape which she embraces. Because she has a smaller and delicate upper body in contrast to her curvier lower half, Mindy often creates balance by wearing a busy blouse with an intricate neckline or billow sleeves.

The bell is one of the few shapes that can really go wild on their top half. This tip can help petites create symmetry and confidence in whatever they are wearing.

No matter what body shape you have, feeling comfortable and confident is key. Just like Mindy, you have the freedom to wear what you love! So let’s be bold, have fun, and stay true to our petite selves!

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*Photo credits: Mindy Kaling/Instagram