We’ve all got celebrity style crushes and for us shorties, it can really help to see petite ladies like us onscreen to get a better idea of exactly how we can look taller. Reese Witherspoon is a perfect example of a petite woman who knows how to dress her shorter stature and always makes it look so effortless. While Google and IMDb list Reese as 5’1”, she cleared things up on Instagram back in 2019 when she captioned a photo, “For the record, I’m 5’2” ;)”—every inch matters to us shorties!

From everyday preppy-chic to a night of glitz & glam on the red carpet, Reese can instantly create the illusion of a taller frame, no matter the occasion. The best part? She simply incorporates many of the styling tips we’ve already covered here in previous blog posts, proving that we can all style our own way to a taller frame with more mindful choices when it comes to our wardrobes and what wear.


As a petite gal, it’s hard to go wrong with a monochromatic look. They seamlessly bring the eye down from your head to your toes, making a lengthening vertical line with minimal effort. Remember, while exact same colors will add the most length, you can play around with neighboring shades for a similar effect—the point is to minimize the separation of your proportions by getting rid of strong color-blocked combos, like a white top paired with dark indigo jeans.

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If you're not afraid to show some skin like Reese, it can do wonders for your height! Even during colder seasons, you can expose more skin with your neckline choices—maybe go for a deep V or grab an off-the-shoulder style that has long sleeves. Spring and summer are just around the corner, so it's about to be the perfect time for us shorties to elongate our necks with open necklines and to make our stems appear longer with shorts and mini skirts. Get flirty during these warmer seasons like Reese and take advantage of the sun by combining styles that show more skin up top and on the bottom.


Understanding your proportions is key to creating a taller frame for any petite gal and Reese definitely understands hers. She usually goes for two silhouettes—fitted from head to toe, or a flattering fit & flare look. Fitted looks keep her looking longer and leaner. Fit & flare looks instantly bring attention to her waist, balancing her proportions and making her legs appear longer, even if they’re hidden by a full circle skirt!

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I have to say, Reese is a master at her hemlines—shorts, jeans, dresses, pants, skirts, you name it! While so many of us petite gals would love to avoid pieces that need to be hemmed, don't forget that an excellent tailor when necessary can really elevate your wardrobe. Reese is so good at getting her hem lengths right that it was practically impossible to find photos of her in a hem that didn’t flatter her and add length. #skillz

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Combining it All

I saved this look for last because it incorporates everything above in a way that works for her petite frame. The one-shoulder styles exposes more skin, elongating her neck. Even though this isn't a monochormatic look, the combined darker colors help to create a continuous flow down the body and both fabrics of the dress meet at the waist, giving her proportions more balance. Lastly, the black portion of the dress skims the floor perfectly and exposes a bit more skin with a high side-slit that also adds length with its vertical line. To top it off, this look is styled with straight drop earrings that bring the eye downward, always helping a petite frame.

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Now while I know that Reese Witherspoon has the luxury of a celebrity stylist to help her really get these petite-chic looks down, that doesn’t mean you can’t get the same help from a professional! Ready to channel your inner Reese? Take the Style Quiz to get started!

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