Who doesn't have a style crush on Scarlett Johansson?! Known as the Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Johansson stands at just 5’3”(like me!). The amazingly talented actress is known for so many different roles but definitely skyrocketed to the top after joining the MCU. Offscreen, her style can range from laidback & easy, unique & edgy, to even a bit of classic Hollywood glam. Just like us, Johansson has mastered some of the best petite hacks and even goes against the grain sometimes, opting for styles we shorties might usually pass on, while still styling her way to a taller frame.

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One of the first things I noticed about Johansson’s style is that she’s so good at taking not-so-petite-friendly petite design details and making them work for her. Midis are often pretty tricky for us shorties as they can hit in awkward spots, not quite a midi yet not quite a maxi. This awkward length can easily cause a petite stature to look even shorter than it is, making it a no-go for a lot of petite gals.

Johansson loves midi lengths though and wears them flawlessly. Keeping the silhouette fitted or straight, you’ll also usually find her in a midi style with a high slit, instantly adding to the illusion of a taller frame. Because this length can be a hit or miss for petite statures, remember to style them with petite-friendly shoes that won't cut you off or add extra bulk.

High Necklines

Johansson also loves a more classic and modest high neckline—another style that can easily shorten a petite gal. We talk a lot about opening up the neckline to expose more skin and add a look of extra height. Higher necklines can sometimes be overwhelming for smaller petite frames, but Johansson always finds a way to balance out the extra fabric, usually by showing off more skin elsewhere, like her shoulders, arms, or legs.

She also often sticks to more classic silhouettes and one color or pattern all the way down when wearing high necklines, seamlessly adding a few more inches to her look.


Now we know that while a full-length dress can in fact help to make a petite stature look taller, we also know that it still takes some thought to get it right. So much fabric can easily steal the show, but when it comes to the red carpet, Johansson knows how to keep her silhouette looking long and sleek from head to toe.

She’s not afraid of edgy cutouts or super deep necklines and this works in her favor when it comes to being petite. Even when it comes to added design details, like the corset design of the dress below, keeping it within the same color family as the rest of the dress gives it a monochromatic look that doesn’t cut her off anywhere.


When it comes to her more casual looks, Johansson has been seen channeling androgynous vibes with easy but chic menswear-inspired looks. Since these silhouettes are more relaxed when it comes to fit, she tends to highlight her shape with waist-cinching high-rise styles. This provides the look of longer legs and prevents her petite frame from being overwhelmed or swallowed up by boxier silhouettes.

Notice how the first look below has a closed neckline, but her all-black monochromatic styling helps to keep that tall vertical line obvious. The second outfit goes the opposite way, combining two totally different colors in this color-blocked look. However, she still achieves the look of being taller by adding in two simple petite hacks—high-waisted pants that accentuate her waist and elongate her legs, and an open neckline to add length to her top half.

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*cover photo credit: WSJ magazine, JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX, AFP/Getty Images, Stefanie Keenan/Getty, Jake Chessum/Playboy Magazine, ddp/REX/Shutterstock