For our first Petite Celebrity Style Crush Series, we covered the amazingly talented Reese Witherspoon. Switching gears and going the opposite direction of Reese’s classic and preppy-chic vibe, today it’s all about one of my top celebrity style crushes and co-star to Reese Witherspoon—Zoë Kravitz! *insert a million heart eyes emojis*

The Pretty Little Liars star may just be 5’2”, like her co-star Reese, but there’s nothing small about Zoë’s style. Edgy, sexy, sleek and effortless are just a few ways I’d describe her vibe, but there’s just one word that sums it all up for me—COOL. She’s not scared to push the boundaries when it comes to fashion, and while some of her looks may be a bit “out of the box” for some people, she exudes confidence in anything she wears and also knows how to flatter her petite stature and frame. Zoë’s styling choices often instantly create the illusion of a taller frame, all the while remaining a complete bada** who doesn’t even look like she’s even trying. #coolAF

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Unlike Reese Witherspoon's love for fit & flare styles, Zoë tends to keep it simpler in effortlessly chic, fitted long dresses. This is a perfect way to boost her height since styles like this keep the eye flowing vertically without interruption. Helping to lengthen her body even more, she usually goes for open necklines, like off-the-shoulder pieces or styles with deep necklines, and incorporates side slit details that we know easily helps us shorties look taller too. Keeping the flow continuous, she also usually keeps the color and/or fabric the same from head to toe, providing that extra height petite gals aim for.

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When Zoë isn’t in something long and sleek, you’ll usually find that she’s drawing attention to her waistline, which helps balance her proportions and elongate her bottom half. She often goes for high-waisted styles to do this, or bares a bit of midriff in cropped tops. In highlighting her waist, it gives her more room to play around with her edgy style. She can have more fun with daring and interesting pieces since no matter the style, the eye still see’s balance and a longer bottom half from the attention given to her waist.

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We know that exposing more skin can work wonders for petites and Zoë is no exception. She’s not afraid to show off her gorgeous stems, so when the warmer months roll in, you can find her in short-shorts, mini dresses and micro skirts. These looks add inches to her legs even if she's skipping heels! When not in chunky ankle boots, Zoë’s good at keeping the flow down her legs seamless too, usually going for shoes that don’t drastically cut her off at the ankles, if at all. Ankle straps are kept thin or skipped altogether, which is perfect for our fellow shorty.


Out of all my petite celebrity style crushes, Zoë kills it when it comes to layering in a way that lengthens her body, similar to how long, body-skimming dresses do this for her. Petite ladies usually fear that long coats have too much fabric that will be overwhelming, but it can actually do the opposite! A long coat brings the eye up and down, creating the look of a long vertical line—exactly what we shorties need. You’ll get the most height with fitted coats, but notice that Zoë still achieves the same illusion with more oversized and baggier styles. To keep her petite frame from looking like a pile of bulky fabric, her more relaxed layers are usually worn with styles underneath that show off her figure, be it something fitted to the body or a pairing that cinches her at the waist.

photo credit: Pinterest

Now excuse me while I go rummage through my wardrobe in an attempt to channel my inner Zoë! ;)

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