A new year gives us permission to start afresh. While there is always pressure to overload our new to-do list, take January as an opportunity to show gratitude for the good you experienced last year, reset, and do what will make you the best version of yourself for years to come. To get you started, we are sharing five ways to positively bring on those new 365 days.

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Celebrate Your Wins

We often end the year reminding ourselves of what we didn’t get done. But what about all the amazing things we did?! Take a moment to reflect–and even write down–everything you achieved and accomplished. It’s a great way to show appreciation for yourself and experience positivity. It will also give you a look at what you would like to take on in the next year.

Set Realistic Goals

One of the first things we do on January 1 is let everyone know what our goals are for the year. Popular themes are getting fit, saving money, and eating healthier. The new year is a chance to set the restart button and better ourselves. However, try not to set unrealistic goals. A new year isn’t punishment for the last one, and you don’t have to set yourself up for failure. Take on whatever you think will make you happier, and not a thing more. In fact, there’s no need to take on anything at all!

Practice Self-Care

One thing that everyone should add to their New Year's to-do list is practicing more self-care. We all deserve it. This doesn’t have to be luxury treatments at the spa, either. Self-care is taking a nap when you’re tired, sipping on some hot herbal tea, disconnecting from social media when you need to, wearing face masks while watching your favorite show, and so on. Make sure you’re taking time to destress, replenish, and rejuvenate yourself.

Declutter the Past

January 1 is also a reminder to many to throw out all the clutter from years past. This is often interpreted as physical clutter: clothes you don’t need anymore (we can help you build your dream wardrobe, of course!), furniture and decor that takes up too much space, and papers that you need to toss. But decluttering the past is also about tossing anything that’s holding you back from success in 2022 (and beyond!). It’s time to throw out negative thinking, sadness about things that didn’t go your way (honor your feelings but shift to looking forward with positivity!), and “what if” questions. Here’s to living the life we want this year!

Get Organized

Everything you want in your life can be yours–you just need to know how to plan for it. Each goal can be broken down into smaller steps. This takes a big idea and makes it real, with to-do list tasks that you can accomplish more easily. This is true whether your plan is to organize your house or start a new business. Just break it down to build it up!

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