Life is full of never-ending to-do lists, and oftentimes that can be overwhelming. While things need to get done, the motivation needed to complete a task may simply not be there. And that’s totally fine; it happens to all of us! So, how do you get out of a rut and back to slaying day after day? We compiled a list of easy ways that you can shake off a lack of motivation and keep yourself on track this year, and beyond.

Check in With Your New Year's Resolutions

Sure, it is a tradition, but we make those New Year’s Resolutions lists for a reason. They’re a good reminder of what we want to achieve and accomplish in the upcoming year. If you’re stuck in a rut and feeling unmotivated, take a look at what you wrote down on December 31. You’ll hopefully be reminded of what you hoped for in 2022, realize you have what it takes to make it happen, and get inspired to take those first steps.

Let Yourself Rest and Regroup

Sometimes we get unmotivated because we’ve been doing too much for too long. Burnout is real. Although we want to go go go and get everything done, we also need to dedicate time towards resting and regrouping. Be sure to take some time each week to just be: take a nap, go for a relaxing walk outside, and disconnect from your social media and phone. Once you have that time to breathe, you’ll be more motivated to get back to work.

Make a List

It can be overwhelming to try to remember all the things we have to get done every day, each week, and month after month. That’s why lists are so awesome. Whatever you want to get done can be written down as part of a list. If you want to get more elaborate and take some of the stress out of each item, you can write down the steps you have to take to accomplish each task. Seeing it all organized and laid out for you makes it seem more real–and attainable.

Go to Your Happy Place

Feeling unmotivated? It may be time to go to your happy place. We all have things that make us feel better, more energized, and ready to seize the day. Play some music as a soundtrack to get you motivated. Take a moment to read a chapter in the book you’ve recently picked up. Call your BFF and have a rejuvenating chat. We all need a pick-me-up, and doing something you know will make you smile is a great way to get back to being motivated.

Reward Yourself

Need to get that thing done that you’ve been putting off for what seems like forever? Pick out a really cool reward that you’ll give yourself for getting it done. Whether it’s a pampering day at the spa, a shopping trip, watching a new movie, or your favorite batch of cookies, knowing that there’s something fun waiting for you at the end of a task will make you want to complete it faster.

Maybe your reward can be a curated Short Story box styled by one of our amazing Stylists—talk about motivating! ;)

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