Over the last few months, there’s one unsung BFF I’ve been seeing so many of my clients discover—the classic black jumpsuit! A wardrobe staple for any fashionista(not just us shorties!), I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sent one to a client and been pleasantly surprised to hear that they had always avoided jumpsuits yet have completely fallen in love with the ease, comfort, and style of a classic black style. I love hearing things like, “OMG! I did not expect to like this, but I LOVE it!" Classic black jumpsuits aren't just effortlessly chic, but elongating too, giving your petite stature a long vertical look.

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We’re all still spending more time at home these days, so I always remind my clients that a classic black jumpsuit is perfect for lounging in style—with the right fabrication of course. grocery storeWhether doing laundry or relaxing in front of the TV, you’ll feel comfortable AND look so chic while doing so!

These kinds of jumpsuits are also perfect for more laidback day-to-day activities, like a quick trip to the grocery store or heading to the park for a playdate! Try yours with a classic denim jacket or even layered over a basic tee to give it a more casual vibe that’s still stylish and put-together, then throw on cute sandals or sneakers to stay comfy on your feet.


The sun’s been shining and you know what that means—brunch(or lunch!) dates with some of your favorite people to catch up with! Because black jumpsuits are so incredibly versatile, it comes down to layering and accessorizing for the right occasion. You can easily take a more laidback look, like the jumpsuit + denim jacket combo above, to a casual brunch.

If you feel like giving your CBJ a bit of a style boost, style it with a fabulous bag and cute shoes, or even add some edge with a moto jacket if that’s more your style over a denim jacket. Sticking to simple jewelry or skipping it altogether will keep your outfit looking effortless, and don’t forget your favorite sunnies to tie it all together!

Happy Hour

What I absolutely love about a classic black jumpsuit is that you can seamlessly transition into a night out with a quick switch of accessories! Happy hour or grabbing some drinks with friends is a perfect time to elevate your brunch/lunch look a bit. You can definitely stick to nicer flats, maybe even a fun printed pair, but instantly take the jumpsuit up a few notches with heels instead! Notice how Jean Wang of Extra Petite goes more casual styling hers with a larger casual tote and espadrilles, then skips jewelry and opts for aviator sunnies in the picture above.

She then instantly elevates the jumpsuit in the next look below by adding a sleek black belt, swapping her tote for a smaller handbag, her espadrilles for d’Orsay heels, and switches her aviators for a classic black pair of sunglasses. The switch of accessories is so simple but still impactful. The key is to add some interest to your jumpsuit with fun layers, easy jewelry, and simple heels for a look that’s elevated but not so dressed up that you feel out of place.

Date Night

Last but definitely not least, a night out! This might be a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant or even a special occasion, like a wedding! Again, it’s all about how you choose to layer and/or accessorize your classic black jumpsuit.

When you really want to glam up your jumpsuit, try styling it with something more fab, like the gorgeous faux fur jacket, statement earrings, and heels. For layering, a classic blazer, moto jacket or coatigan are amazing options to really elevate this look and turn it into something sophisticated and oh-so chic.

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*cover photo credit: Pinterest