As we move through our lives, we reach milestones both personally and professionally and our style should evolve with us. We may face starting a family, a new job, or retirement and what may have worked for us style-wise in one chapter of our lives, may not work in the next. Here are a few tips and tricks for dressing as a petite at any age!

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Trendy at 20

Your 20s is a great time to experience new things both in life and in your wardrobe choices. No matter what trends you try out, picking clothes that create length on the body is crucial for a petite gal. High-waisted pants are a petite girl's BFF. They instantly elongate the leg by moving the waistline higher. Pairing them with a cropped or tucked-inare v-neck top helps to create length on the upper body. Add in a V-style necklace and your favorite accessories and you're good to go, girlfriend!

This is the time to have fun with fashion so you can begin to discover your own personal style.

30 and Thriving

Our 30s can be a major transitional period in our lives. It's that prime time in our lives where we've become a little more sophisticated, but still know how to cut loose from time to time. And your style should reflect that—polished yet lively. The goal in selecting pieces for your 30 flirty and thriving wardrobe is still to elongate the frame and create proportion. A pair of trousers with a pressed center seam down each leg instantly creates a vertical line and lengthens the leg. Add a pointy-toe shoe in the same color as your pants for even more length. Cropped jackets are another way to create the illusion of length in the leg, especially when paired with high-rise bottoms.

Don't be afraid to go bold in your 30s! Opt for fun colors, interesting prints and flashy accessories that can take you from the desk to dancing.

Flawless at 40

By the time our 40s roll around, a lot can be happening in life. Family, career, a home to keep up—the to-do list may seem never-ending and taking care of ourselves just isn't at the top of the priority list. But it should be! There's also nothing that says you have to cover up in your 40s! Don't be afraid to show a little leg with a knee-length sheath dress or a bit of decolletage in a slight v-neck. Showing a bit of skin helps to prevent us petites from looking like we're drowning in the clothing. When wearing skirts or dresses avoid shoes with ankle straps as they shorten the leg. And if you can't avoid them, make sure the shoe is in a color close to your skin tone to lengthen the leg. When it comes to layering over dresses, the hem-to-hem is a good rule to follow. Keep your jackets close to the same length as your dress to create a seamless look.

Fashion is a great way to get back to feeling like YOU again.

Fabulous 50s

By now you probably have a pretty good sense of what your personal style is—or at the very least, you know what you like and dislike. At this point in life, you're likely investing in more staple pieces, but that doesn't mean you can't still have a little fun with your wardrobe. As petite women, it’s important to not allow clothing to overwhelm our frames and that same rule applies when choosing prints and patterns. It is best to avoid larger prints as a petite and by pairing them with solid pieces we can create balance on our figures.

Fashion doesn't have to be boring as you get older. Keep it playful by mixing subtle prints with timeless basics.

Sophisticated 60s

Ah, yes, the Golden Years. The time in our lives when we start thinking about retirement and starting a new, more relaxed chapter of our lives. Much like the 50s, we're probably pretty settled into a wardrobe we’re comfortable with at this stage in life. But there are still ways you can spice up your looks. My favorite way—accessories! Accessories are an easy way to take the same outfit and create several new looks out of it. Plus, they're great for traveling as they’re typically small and easy to pack. By now we know that creating length on the body as a petite is essential. We do this by adding the appearance of vertical lines.

Long necklaces and scarves are a great way to accessorize and create the illusion of length. Just be sure the accessories you choose don’t overpower you in size.

No matter what age we are or what stage in life we’re at, one thing is for certain— for us petite girls, finding the right fit is key. So wear what you love and feel your best no matter your age!

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