The first week of spring has rolled in, so you know what that means—COLOR! So why not celebrate by adding some life to your looks with Spring 2021 color trends? Color is one of the best ways to reflect how you’re feeling on the inside, so don’t be afraid to try out these must-have colors for the season. Not all designers are sticking to these exact shades, but they're sticking to the same color families and it's clear that lighter and brighter shades are making their way to the forefront. Which color is most you?

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Marvelous Magenta

Let’s kick things off with this bold color trend—magenta! If you’re not a fan of true pinks, this could be the color for you. The richness gives it a bit of a luxurious feel, while the vibrancy offers some edge. This versatile color is great for spicing up everyday looks but is also such a stunning sight for more special occasions. Spring or summer wedding anyone? To really make it stand out, incorporate some black into your outfit to give it some contrast that still feels sleek and cohesive.

Color meaning: universal love, harmony, emotional balance

Perfect Purple

Now I’ll admit, I’m a bit biased when it comes to this season’s color trends because my favorite color is on the list—purple! This season it’s all about lighter shades, like lilac, lavender, and amethyst. Being the color that has symbolized royalty and wealth for centuries, purples are a fantastic way to add some color to your outfits while still feeling sophisticated and chic. Keeping it more on the neutral and laidback side, style these purples with heather greys for a more balanced look when out & about on the weekends. For work, darker charcoal greys bring a nice professional feel to these pretty purple shades.

Color meaning: royalty, wisdom, creativity

Beautiful Blue

Blue is a commonly loved color, so it’s no surprise that it made it to the list this season. Lighter and brighter shades, like cerulean and French blue, are the shades to keep you on trend this spring and the versatility is endless. Since blue, no matter the shade, is one of the more popular colors of just about any wardrobe, you can easily incorporate it into your work and weekend looks without feeling out of place. Tops, bottoms, dresses, layers, you name it—you most likely already have this easy color trend sitting in your closet right now, so all you have to do is think about how you'd like to make it stand out this spring. For a more classic and effortless vibe, pair these shades with bright whites for a clean and polished look.

Color meaning: depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity

Go-Getter Green

Now for the more bold and daring fashionista, this next color is for you. Somewhere in between a pastel and lime green, this shade is sure to turn heads—maybe even some green with envy! ;) Deeper and darker greens are widely used in everyday wardrobes, but more vibrant shades are usually left to children's wear. But that doesn’t mean kids are the only ones who can enjoy them! Try it with light wash denim pieces to keep the contrast low, making it feel light and airy for spring.

Color meaning: safety, growth, health

Yummy Yellow

There’s just something so happy about yellow, right? While some designers are gearing more towards brighter yellow shades, many are also keeping it a bit more subtle and toned down in more mellow yellows.laid-backAre you into the comeback of 70's fashion? Style these lighter yellows with browns and burnt oranges, and have some fun with wide silhouettes to give your look a bit of a vintage feel.

Color meaning: happiness, optimism, energy, enlightenment

Retro Rust

This last color trend is for my earth-tone babes! If you’re not too much into brighter colors, rust is a perfect way to incorporate color into your wardrobe. With its retro 70’s vibe, this neutral is still rich in color and can be show-stopping without going over the top. This common fall staple might already be in your closet, so don’t hesitate to grab that rust piece, as long as it suits the weather in your area of course! Into the minimalist look? Style this color with other neutrals, like grey, tan, olive green, and definitely black. Keep design details simple, silhouettes classic, and accessories to a minimum for a look that's effortlessly chic.

Color meaning: excitement, warmth, enthusiasm

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