For the edgy fashionista, what you wear is most often a reflection of your personality—confident, daring, and sometimes sexy. You gravitate towards unique fashion choices and love standing out, but also live for something more classic with edgy details. Studs or leather anyone? You're not afraid to show off exactly how you're feeling through your outfits and you can rest assured knowing that you probably pass other gals on the street wishing they could pull off your looks. No matter your style—preppy, boho, romantic, laidback, edgy—every kind of wardrobe has its must-haves. Today, I'm covering a few staples every edgy shorty should have in her closet.

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The Fitted Moto Jacket

Let’s start with an absolute staple for any edgy wardrobe—the moto jacket. Definitely not something new in the fashion world, but it’s a style that’s been redone and reinvented time and time again, dating all the way back to 1913! It’s an American classic that has made its way from the wardrobes of only the most badass to even the preppy and romantic, made in softer colors, like white and light pink.

For the edgy shorty, basic black is a must. Not a fan of leather or the shine of a classic moto? Try one in denim, twill, or suede. These days, you can find them in varying silhouettes and lengths, but stick with a fitted style that hits you right above your hips for the most flattering and lengthening effect.

The Super Deep V

We know that V-necklines are an easy hack for lengthening a petite frame, leading the eye down in a vertical direction that helps to create the illusion of a taller and longer frame. While some petite gals avoid this trick altogether if they’re more on the conservative side, the edgy fashionista is usually daring and willing to show off more skin.

A super-deep V takes the hack even further, exposing more of your chest and opening up your neck. If you’re not afraid of adding a bit more sex appeal to your looks, don’t hesitate to grab that super deep v-neck style! Just remember to use some fashion tape if you feel like the girls could use a bit more security. ;)

The Leather Mini Skirt

When it comes to mini skirts, just about any style is sure to lengthen petite stems since the length of the skirt is the most important aspect of it. For the edgy gal, investing in a classic leather (or faux if you prefer!) mini skirt is a must! You’ll instantly add a bit of rocker vibe to any outfit, even when pairing it with a cozy sweater and combat boots.

For the most flattering fit, look for a style that’s fitted down to the hem to keep your bottom half looking long and sleek. A style that’s fitted all the way down will keep the look of your legs smooth and continuous without interruption.

The Graphic Tee

This next edgy staple isn’t so much of a petite hack, but just a must-have for any edgy wardrobe—a graphic tee. The edgier the graphic, be it the font or overall design, they tend to look the most badass on classic black. Love going to concerts? Band (or artist) tees are the perfect way to incorporate some edge into your everyday looks while showing off your personality when it comes to your taste in music.

They're super comfy and perfect for everyday looks, but are also super easy to glam up with the right styling—think paired with a mini skirt like the one above, or tucked into wide-leg trousers, layered with a velvet blazer, and styled with heels. Keeping your petite stature in mind, style these tee’s with high-waisted bottoms to give your height an instant boost!

The Clear Mules

Glass slippers anyone? Last but definitely not least, clear shoes have become one of my favorite recent trends. Coming in all sorts of styles, you’ve got tons of options. From strappy stilettos to ankle boots and even sneakers, these are really for the most daring shorties. One thing’s for sure though, you’ll instantly add a few inches to your petite stature in just about any style, my favorite being a more classic (but still edgy!) pair of mules. Since these are clear, there’s literally nothing that’s going to cut you off and make you look shorter!

All of your feet and pretty pedicured toes will be exposed, elongating your legs to the max if paired with a skirt or dress. You'll even get a bit of the same effect when worn with pants! Notice how even though the pair below is styled with cuffed denim, the complete exposure of the feet doesn't get cut off whatsoever, adding length to even the ankles and downward.

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*cover photo credit: Walk In Wonderland