The 1990s have dominated fashion for the last decade, and there is no sign of this nostalgia slowing down. We are clamoring to wear bodysuits, baggy light-wash jeans, lug-sole boots, and more. One of the latest “it” garments everyone wants to get their hands on is the shacket. The perfect middle ground between a shirt and a jacket, the shacket is a great, not-too-bulky layering piece. Throw a plaid shacket over a T-shirt and jeans, and you instantly have a ‘90s-inspired grunge or country look. Wear a camel shacket over faux leather leggings and you have a chic layered outfit. The options are endless! We want petites to always look their best, no matter what they’re wearing. So, we wanted to share the best ways you can rock the shacket trend.

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Don’t Go Too Oversized

Trends only work if they work for you, your figure, and your lifestyle (and you can always tweak a trend to suit you!). While the general idea of wearing shackets is to rock them oversized, you don’t want to wear them so big that your petite frame is overwhelmed in it.

Choose a size that is oversized for you, or opt for a shorter, boxier style. Most everyone can wear a shacket; you just have to wear one that flatters your figure instead of working against it (or hiding it).

photo: Courtney 

It’s All About Proportions

Anyone who is going to wear a shacket has to think about proportions. You want to balance out the bagginess of this piece with a piece that is more form-fitting, like a bodysuit, leggings, or skinnier jeans.

If you do decide to wear a looser top with baggier jeans, you can always tuck in the top to define the waist and break up the volume. Playing with the proportions will keep the shacket from overpowering your frame, and allow you to highlight your best features.

photo: Mae, 5'2" 

Monochrome is a Petite Fashionista’s Best Friend

A styling trick that will make anyone look longer and leaner is by wearing the same color from head to toe. You can rock all black under a neutral shacket (as seen below on Jennifer Sintek), or match your shacket to the rest of your outfit. This will keep the layers from standing out too much, and instead, they'll work together to create a sleek, monochromatic layered look.

On the flipside, if you want your shacket to stand out, choose a pattern or color that will contrast with what you wear under it! There are plenty of options in plaid, soothing pastels, fun pops of color, and more.

photo: Jennifer Sintek 

Think Outside of the Box

Shackets aren’t just the perfect layering piece for a T-shirt and jeans. It’s a jacket, so treat it like one! You can layer it over a dress like Sara from Addicted to 2 Day Shipping did.

Doing so makes dressier dresses more casual-looking and effortless. Most shackets are much lighter than regular jackets too, which means less bulk, and more layering opportunities.

photo: Sara Chambers, 5'0" 

Wear it as a Dress

We spoke about layering a shacket over a dress. But why not wear the shacket as a dress?! Petites benefit here from the longer lengths that shackets usually come in.

Rock your shacket with cute boots for an effortlessly casual or edgy look. Belt it to nip in the waist. Layer it with a turtleneck or tee for some layering. The options are endless!

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*cover photo: Sheryl Luke, 5'2"