With a pandemic that is entering its third year, more people than ever are working from home. While this means more freedom, a melding of work and home life, and a more relaxed dress code, we still want to feel stylish and fashionable.

So, how do you work from home without adopting a wardrobe exclusively of sweats and PJs? How do you show up fully to a Zoom meeting looking, but also feeling, your best? We’ll answer those questions by sharing five essential pieces that you need for fashionably comfortable remote workwear.

A Versatile Top

When working from home, you’ll no doubt have lots of Zoom meetings. This means that your boss and fellow employees will be able to see you from the waist up. Because of this, you’ll want fashionable yet comfortable tops that you can style in a variety of ways. Think classic button-downs, tees with elevated necklines and sleeves, cozy yet chic sweaters, and tops in timeless hues, as well as fun pops of color. You’ll be able to switch things up with these by adding layers, as well as rotating accessories.

photo: Jessica Wong (@byjessicawong)

Comfortable Pants

One of the best things about working from home is getting to wear super comfortable clothes! While no one is going to see what pants or other bottoms you’re wearing, you will know how put-together you look (and it affects your mood!). You don’t have to decide between stylish and cozy. Wear joggers that look more like dress pants, slacks with an elastic waist, comfy jeans, and the like. You’ll feel more professional, stylish, and will be ready to run errands during the day, should you have to, in style!

photo: Alexis, 5'1" (@alexis.belbel of a double dose)

The Cardigan

Layers instantly make outfits look more intentional and put together. When working from home, nothing is more comfortable, and yet polished, than the classic cardigan. You can wear it closed as a top, as Brooke of Pumps AND PUSH UPS did below. Or, you can use it as a top layer, to throw on over tanks, tees, and blouses. It has the effect of a blazer, but feels like a tee. You’ll stay warm, feel comfortable, and look stylish!

photo: Brooke, 4'10" (Pumps AND PUSH UPS)


Accessories can completely change up an outfit, making them an essential work-from-home staple. You can wear the same top in several Zoom meetings, but if you rock it with a scarf one time, and a bold necklace or pair of earrings the next, the top will look different each time. When you’re only being seen from the waist up in calls, accessories allow you to show your personality and style effortlessly. They’re also great for adding a fun pop of color, print, or pattern to your look!

photo: Kelly P. (@stumbling_thru_life)

Great Flats

Want to rock heels or wedges while working at home? Do it! The idea from work-at-home fashion is to wear what you feel fabulous in. But, many are taking advantage of the ability to be more cozy in their workwear, and that usually means sporting comfortable shoes. This can range from flip flops and slippers to loafers and flats, to sneakers and low-heeled boots. Trust us, no matter what shoes you wear, just putting on shoes will put you into work mode at home.

photo: Jenna, 5'4" (@lillyandgrant)

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*cover photo: Paulina (Petite Paulina)