As petite specialists, one of the most common body types we style are petites with short torsos. It can be so hard to figure out how to make things look proportional when selecting styles. Learning more about your proportions can help. Do you have a short torso with long legs? A short torso with short legs? Read on for our tips on how to style your unique body type.

Wondering if you have a short torso? Find out by stacking your hands right underneath your bust. If your belly button hits the center of your lower hand, you have a shorter torso. If your belly button hits right underneath your bottom hand, your torso is considered a regular length.

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Draw the Eye Down

This technique for helping balance out your short torso can be done in several ways. One of the easiest ways to do this is to go for top or dresses with a v-neck. You can also draw the eye down by choosing flared jeans like the Kayla Petite Slim Bootcut with a shirt tucked in. If opting for a high-rise jean, try pairing it with an untucked top.

Since those with short torsos have more length in their legs, you want to create the illusion of a balanced/proportional upper body as well. So many flattering options!

Watch Your Belt & Waistline

With a shorter torso, it's important to streamline things around your waistline. If you’re adding a belt with a dress or pants, avoid a wide or taller belt as the extra height will rise close to your bust which closes off your waistline and can make it look even shorter.

A thin belt is the way to go though to cinch in your waist! Ask for the Brass-Toned Circle Buckle Leather Belt in your next box. Keep things hitting around your natural waist at the most to help your body look a bit more proportional.

Try a Drop-Waist

When you hear drop waist, you might think of old-fashioned Flapper styles but this look can really switch things up in your wardrobe. This style helps flatter a short torso body type since it elongates your torso if so desired. This dress silhouette can really work for any style - a flowy maxi or a fitted sheath like the ribbed Jena Dress for a date night out.

The great thing about a dress is that you don’t have to worry about matching anything or adding on accessories to make it flattering. Layers that hit around the hip will be most flattering with this dress style!

Avoid Widening Your Shoulders

Because your torso is already short and the center of attention, you want to avoid adding extra bulk up near your shoulders. This means that boat necklines and puff sleeves may not be the best styles for you. These styles visually break up the continuous straight line on your upper body.

When looking for tops, flatter your torso by choosing scoop necks or crew necks. For jumpsuits, the Koa Sleeveless Knit Jumpsuit has a flattering neckline with a straight silhouette for a streamlined look!

Drop the Rise

While some petites love high-rise jeans and pants, an ultra high-rise bottom isn’t always the most flattering to a short torso. It takes up much of the little upper body space you do have and does little to balance out things.

Go low! The key here is that this style gives you more space between your upper body and waistline which can greatly be determined visually by your pants rise. Another cool thing about low-rise is that it’s been trending - so maybe try it out with a skirt like the Aires Midi Skirt to test the waters!

We hope this post helped you find some creative ways to style your short torso body type. Most of all, we want you to feel confident in your unique body type.

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