We all want to feel good in what we wear, and look for the best fit when it comes to our clothes. As a petite, it can be extremely frustrating when you find that perfect piece you've been searching for and immediately realize upon trying it on, that it’s not going to fit your petite frame. We're here today to address your common petite fit problems and how to tackle them. We'll talk about how peite pieces are designed differently and why they fit better. As always, we're here to help you find those best-fitting gems that will make you feel like you hit the jackpot.

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Why Choose Petite?

A great fit can instantly make you feel confident and beautiful, ready to take on whatever comes your way. For those 5’4 and under, exclusively choosing to wear petite clothing can ensure that each piece you put on will fit its best!

Petite clothing is made with petite proportions in mind. In addition, specific adjustments are made to flatter differennt petite body shapes and proportions. Let's dig in!

1) Sleeve Lengths

When trying on a sweater, jacket, or blazer, finding an option with the appropriate sleeve length is key. *Queue flashbacks of trying on my dad’s jacket as a child – not cute!

Petite-specific pieces provide a tailor-made fit that will hit just below the wrist. For Regular size pieces, search for ¾ sleeve styles or sleeves that offer some ruching for a better fit. For button-down shirts, get creative with different ways to cuff your sleeves for a polished and sophisticated look to wear into the office or out to brunch.

2) Boxy Fits

Petite pieces keep your torso length and width in check and make sure to flatter your petite proportions. For dresses, fit and flare styles are an exceptional choice to avoid that boxy feel since they are fitted on top. I found this to be especially true when it comes to bodysuits! I never knew bodysuits could fit so well until I tried one in a true petite fit from Short Story.

Found a blouse or dress you love in a regular size but it’s way too boxy or long in the bodice? Even though the item is in your exact size and can fit great in other areas, the proportions can always seem off since these items tend to be made to accommodate longer torsos. When it comes to tops in regular sizes, opt for styles that are more fitted and straight in silhouette for a flattering and less boxy fit.

3) Inseams

We've all been there, trying on jeans in the dressing room only to find that every single option is still too long. It can be devastating to your fashion ego especially when you are hunting for a perfect flare or bootcut style. Although cuffing your jeans can look cute at times especially paired with the right heels, it’s only a temporary fix to the problem of overly long inseams.

Nothing beats a good pair of petite jeans when it comes to length! If your inseam is 26’’ or under, I highly recommend investing in a true petite jean that will not only be the correct length but will fit your proportions all around. When looking for regular sizes that fit, look for terms like ankle-length, and cropped. These will likely look full-length on your petite frame.

4) Hems

Clothing pieces not made for those 5’4 and under in mind can run into this dilemma where hemlines run too long, especially when it comes to the length of tops and dresses. This can make tops and dresses look like you're unintentionally wearing a tunic with tons of excess material. With petite-specific tops, the base of arm holes will be raised in order to get the fit around the bicep and shoulder right.

Also, petite tops and blouses are designed to hit around your hips or higher as preferred. Feel like every dress you try on seems to go past your toes? Petite dresses, jumpsuits, and skirt lengths are created so that they will lay nicely throughout the torso and hit the most flattering points.

5) Details

When pieces are specifically crafted for petite proportions, details are placed where they should be on a petite frame. Say goodbye to sweaters with elbow patches that hit your forearms instead of your elbows and specifically placed distressing that doesn't fall on your knees.

The placement of details on clothing pieces, such as embellishments or seams, can indicate if the pieces fit well or if adjustments need to be made. Pockets on pants and jeans, embellishments on tops, and built-in ruching on dresses will all fall nicely when choosing petite-made styles.

Overcoming these fit problems can help you achieve your best petite fit. But remember, being petite isn’t a problem that needs solving, but is something to be celebrated. Let's rejoice in being petitely powerful in style.

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