Tight jeans can be so uncomfortable to wear all day long. That’s why having a pair of great-fitting joggers in your arsenal can really be a game-changer! Not only are joggers more forgiving but they are an overall comfortable essential for those balancing work and an on-the-go lifestyle. But how can you find the best fit as a petite? We at Short Story carry go-to petite joggers you will love to wear, made specifically with your proportions in mind. Here are some overall tips on what to look for when adding a pair to your wardrobe and how to style them to feel and look your best no matter the season!

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Determine Your Best Fit

Purchasing a petite specific pair of joggers is the best way to go for fit. But if you're strolling through the mall or browsing online and see a pair, I would first look at the silhouette. Joggers come in an array of lengths and rises, giving you a lot of variety to choose from. Most of our clients find that a slim or skinny-fit jogger compliments a petite frame! When choosing a jogger, carefully examine the length and choose styles with a high-rise which really helps to elongate the legs if you are going for that look.

Worried a pair might be too long as a petite? A cropped jogger is a great choice. These tend to hit just above your ankle which is perfect for showing off your cute kicks! Also, material matters! Sticking with materials with some stretch and paying attention to slim, straight, and skinny silhouettes will help ensure that you won’t feel overwhelmed in your outfit. Now that we are set with fit, let’s dive in and see how petite joggers can be styled to reflect your lifestyle!

Modern Chic

If you are always searching for the next trend, trying joggers in different silhouettes and materials is just for you. Satin and faux leather are a step up from a regular knit material and have a fashion-forward feel, perfect for wearing out to dinner with friends on a night out.

High-rise options are flattering to wear as a petite and pair nicely with cropped tops/blouses to create balance. To really amp up this look, pair your favorite joggers with strappy heels, an oversized sweater, and your favorite bag for a sleek and timeless outfit.

Smart Casual

Headed back to the office but don’t want to wear stiff trousers? A hybrid jogger might be your new best friend! This style blends the comfort of a jogger with a classic pant which can be essential when sitting at your desk all day or running a work meeting.

Try branching out and selecting cute prints like houndstooth or plaid to make these look office-friendly and professional! To flatter your petite shape, pair these with your favorite blouse French tucked into the front. Layer on a fitted blazer to complete the sophisticated outfit!


Whether you are a jeans and tee kind of person or live an active lifestyle, joggers are a must-have staple to slip into your closet. A classic jogger has an athleisure feel that is great for lounging in when with the family or grabbing a coffee with friends.

Look for skinny silhouettes in nylon or knit materials for a streamlined look that won't overwhelm your petite frame. These materials are super comfy for all-day wear and nice for staying active in. Pair with your favorite striped tee, white sneakers, and crossbody belt bag for an effortless sporty weekend look!

Boho Vibes

Flowy and soft silhouettes define bohemian style and joggers easily fit right in since they have a looser shape. Opt for a pair made of linen or cotton vs. the traditional knit or nylon material for an elevated feel. Make sure these pants include a cuff at the hem which will help create more shape as a petite.

Looking to really hone in on this style? Find a pair in a carefree print and style with your favorite sandals and crochet accessories for an effortlessly free-spirited outfit to wear all year!

It's time to grab your favorite joggers and explore various ways to style them this season! No matter what body shape you have, feeling comfortable and confident in your petite skin is key. So wear whatever styles you love!

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*Cover photo: Natalie in the City