Have you heard someone recently say they got their colors done and had no idea what they meant?! Same! This article will give a quick overview of seasonal color analysis and what jewel tone shades those with a winter complexion (or those without) can wear no matter the season. Plus, we call out specific petite styling tips on how to rock these rich hues!

What is Color Analysis? Color analysis is a tool to determine your best colors. This system takes your skin tone, eye color, and hair color to formulate the most flattering color palette specifically designed for you. It’s important to note that these are recommendations so if there are colors you love to wear that may not align with this method, continue to wear what you love and embrace all the colors in your life!

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Winter Hues

Although there are unlimited categories you can be assigned to depending on which color system you choose to follow, we are focusing on the 4 main seasons starting with winter. Winter colors can be highly saturated or subtle when reflected in your wardrobe and can be separated into light, cool, and dark categories.

Are you a winter? Winters generally have a cool undertone with high contrast against hair and eyes. They are generally dark-haired with cool, light skin or dark-haired and dark-skinned. They are dark, cool, and intense and can have a range of bright eye colors from blue to cool green to dark brown.

All Winters react beautifully to cool colors with strong intensity. These winter shades tend to have a cool undertone meaning it has more of a blue hue to them vs. a yellow hue. For example, think of cream and white! The color cream has a yellow, warm feel to it whereas white has a bright, cooler feel, making it the perfect winter choice. Earth tones like rust and olives may clash with your cool coloring. Let’s explore more jewel-tone shades that will definitely pop in your petite closet!

Midnight Navy

Dark navy is a great alternative to wearing black especially when it comes to dresses! Although I’m not a winter, I have a gorgeous navy eyelet dress I love wearing in summer. When looking for a dress, it’s important to consider hem length as well as where the dress falls on your waist for the best petite fit.

Navy is also a perfect combination for any office setting. Want to elevate and feel your boss-babe self when running a meeting or seeing clients? Style a navy blazer with a matching pair of navy slacks for a head-to-toe monochromatic look that perfectly flatters a petite frame!

Deep Fuchsia

Move over burgundy! If you are looking for something extra rich and love wearing shades of pink, fuchsia is the perfect choice! This vivid and deep pinkish-purplish-red color takes its name from the flowers of the Fuchsia plant. Unlike magenta, this color doesn't have warm red undertones which is ideal for winter complexions.

When adding this color to your closet, blouses are a pretty go-to! Depending on your torso length, look for an option that hits right at your hips. When choosing a top as a petite, opt for an elbow length or 3/4 sleeve to ensure a nice fit that won't pass your fingertips or feel too billowy in the arms.

Emerald Green

One of the more versatile jewel tones to have in your closet is emerald green! This color is a nice staple for all seasons and doesn't have to be reserved and worn only for the holiday season. This shade looks gorgeous when chosen as a coat, a dress, a vest- you name it!

If going bold is your thing, wearing this color as a jumpsuit is fashion-forward and modern. Worried about the length of the jumpsuit being too long? Opt for a true petite jumpsuit, made to fit your proportions and desired inseam length. This monochromic look pairs well with gold accessories which really pop when paired with this hue.

Dark Amethyst

Purple is one color that is so often overlooked! If you love wearing blue sapphire shades, a cool-toned purple is guaranteed to look amazing with your complexion. Still unsure? Pair this dark color with warmer purples to mix and match within your outfit or incorporate it in layering pieces or accessories like scarves.

Cardigans are such a fun way to add color to your closet without going overboard and feeling like you are investing in such a bright piece of clothing. When petite, having a cardigan that fits the length of your arms and doesn't hit past your knees is key to a good-fitting piece. Pair a jewel-toned purple cardigan with a white tee and jeans for an effortlessly chic weekend look that you can feel confident in!

Colors can really enhance and bring life to a wardrobe. But don't just limit yourself to these winter shades. Have fun expressing yourself through color and stay true to your petite self!

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*Cover photo: Wendy's Lookbook