While you certainly don’t need an excuse to dress up, the holidays are the perfect occasions to feel fancy and show off those new pieces you’ve been waiting to wear! This is the time to be a little more adventurous with your style which will make you feel confident and glamorous. When it comes to fit, finding that perfect outfit can be tough for a petite but not impossible with these petite styling tips. Read on for some Pinterest-worthy petite outfit inspiration that will have you turning heads this holiday season!

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Elevated Dress & Boots

Knee-length boots are in! As they allow for greater coverage (and warmth) during the cooler months, they are a terrific go-to for those celebrations to which you were invited. The best way to show them off is by pairing them with dresses and/or skirts! The key is to focus on length and choose a skirt or dress with a higher hem if the boots go over the knee for a flattering look.

Because we petites are naturally shorter in stature, more fitted boots tend to work best as they are less likely to overwhelm our frames! Try styling your favorite pair with a wrap dress in an elegant satin fabrication. Add your favorite jewelry and accessories for a touch of glam!

All Black Everything

Can one truly ever wear too much black?! If you’re anything like me and love dressing in neutral colors and/or are enjoying the “quiet luxury” aesthetic of the moment, black is the perfect way to go for almost any occasion! Plus, monochromatic looks really complement petite frames. As faux leather is still rather fashionable, a chic look could be a trouser and button-down (shirt or cardi) combo. Slip into a long, yet petite-friendly, black coat and you are set–easy, breezy style!

If you want another WOW piece, add those heels that glisten and make you smile! For more casual events, black jeans would be a great alternative. An entirely black ensemble, regardless of the pieces of which it is composed, generally embodies sophistication.

Fun Jumpsuit in a Seasonal Color

Instantly stylish and comfortable?! Yes, please! If you have a dressier event coming up, but don’t feel like going full-glamour mode, what do you think about leaning more subtly into the formality by opting for a jumpsuit?! To elevate the traditionally more casual fashion category, look for one in a more polished fabric like silk, lace, leather, velvet, etc. Even a poly-blend with luxe details like puff sleeves or interesting silhouettes could be a great choice!

When looking for the perfect fitting jumpsuit, inseam is key! Try a more tailored jumpsuit that tapers at the ankles which is a great petite length. Go for a seasonal wintry or autumnal color if that brings you joy!

Cozy & Warm Statement Pieces

Winter fashion is characterized by warm fabrics. Velvet and corduroy are two of these beloved materials! If you are a pant/trouser girl like myself, a cute way to incorporate them into your next special occasion is by styling them up with a fancy blouse. Add some heels and a blazer for additional dimension! Especially because cropped bottoms are not ideal for the cooler months, it may be harder as a petite to find pants that work–sometimes you may need to reach for a slight heel to help with this!

If you are attending a winter wedding, a velvet jumpsuit or maxi would keep you stylish and cozy all night long! As this material can sometimes be a bit heavy, make sure to go for one with just the right petite length and silhouette, as you’ll feel the difference it can make!

All the Glitter & Sequin

I don’t know about you, but the very first thing that comes to mind when I think about NYE is something that shines! Whether it’s a stunning embellished dress or fabulous sequined flares, occasions like New Year's Eve are just the time to step out of your style comfort zone.

Want to fashionably ring in the new year? If you adore dresses, try a dazzling one in your favorite color and in your perfect petite fit. Are skirts more your thing? Opt for a sequin mini moment that will compliment your petite silhouette. If you are more of an accessory gal, now is the time to shine (literally and metaphorically)! You truly will be beaming inside and out!

The holiday season is upon us! Whether you feel delighted and enthusiastic by what is to come or even maybe overwhelmed and hesitant to embrace all that it brings, fashion can be your friend throughout this time! It can also often be an instant mood/confidence booster! Refer to this guide whenever needed & let us know what your favorite head-turning outfit is for the holidays!

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*Cover photo: Lauren Parry