As we enter the new year, many of us have goals to get moving or to move in different ways than we did last year. Even if you don’t have any goals like this and want to relax more, a good activewear look will serve you well and it will get you motivated for the day. Sometimes it can be hard as a petite to find activewear that fits and flatters a petite figure since most styles have longer inseams and torso lengths. As you search for your new activewear styles to motivate your workouts or even your days chasing around your toddler, opt for these looks and styling tips to get you inspired to feel your best petite self!

Stylist tip: The key to really great activewear is to go for petite sizing. If you are shopping where petite sizing is hard to find, opt for cropped style tops and pieces that mention "cropped", "ankle length" or "⅞ length" for a full-length look on your petite frame!

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The Matching Set

You can’t deny a matching set for an easy and chic activewear look. It’s comfy and easy to throw on a set and makes you look like you put so much more effort into your look than you actually did. For a petite figure, we love the matching sports bra and leggings combo but we know not everyone wants to show off their mid-drift area.

In that case, go for a longer tank with a built-in sports bra with high-rise leggings. This look will highlight your waist and make your legs look miles long while you’re tracking those miles. And for bonus style points (and warmth), adding a cozy sherpa jacket or pullover over top will keep you cozy for work-from-home days.

Activewear Dresses

If you want to feel feminine and flirty while being active, an activewear dress is just for you! The great thing about these is you can go from the gym to running errands without looking like you’re still in clothes you don’t care about which is a plus in my book. What we love most about an activewear dress is the built-in shorts - hello mobility! This means you can also wear a shorter hemline which helps elongate your petite frame.

Adding a pair of sneakers and a crossbody belt bag is a super cute way to wear this dress. During the cooler months, we’d recommend adding a cropped zip hoodie over top to keep things proportional when outside!

A Cute Skort

Hearing “skort” may put a bad taste in your mouth but hear us out! Activewear skorts are so much cuter than the ones you might be thinking of with the shorts in the back and the skirt in the front mullet moment. These little skirts are so fun to wear and truly feel like you’re wearing comfy shorts while looking on-trend!

These are usually cut shorter as well which is ideal for petites with shorter proportions. Style them with a hooded sweatshirt half tucked a bit into the front of the skort or style it with a cropped tank if you’re feeling a bit brave. Either way, this skort is something you can’t miss if you’re shopping for new activewear this season!

Knot Your Tank

It’s easy just to throw on a tank or tee with your leggings and call it a day but by doing this extra step that takes literally seconds, you’ll look so much more polished in the gym. Waist definition is key to balancing out a petite figure for most women! All you have to do is knot the bottom of your tank or tee near one side of your body just to where it will define your waist.

Styling a knotted style like this with high-rise leggings or joggers will look so cool and you can even slick your hair back into a hat-ponytail look for a few more style points. This tip seriously is so easy and you likely won’t have to spend a penny to give it a go!

The Romper/Jumpsuit

This one may seem odd, especially for someone on the go but they are just so fun to wear! This one-and-done look is a no-fuss outfit that is easy to throw on and go for a walk or jog in easily. Plus, it's cute to dress up! When searching out the perfect romper/jumpsuit, opt for a true petite size and cut for the best fit!

If it’s cooler where you live, a jumpsuit is likely better than a romper since it provides more coverage. A key to making one of these wearable is to layer up with a zip-up or sherpa jacket. For running errands, it’s great too - just add a belt back or a cute little leather backpack to look extra chic!

Activewear can be so fun to wear any time of year and any time of day. It’s perfect for an athleisure lifestyle as well as your hard-hitting workouts. So get excited to reach your active goals this year while looking chic and feeling petitely confident!

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*Cover photo: Styled by McKenz