Some rules are meant to be broken especially when it comes to your petite wardrobe. With winter in full swing, the basic sweater, jeans, and booties combo might be leaving you craving a fresh and new outlook for the new year ahead. But how exactly can you break fashion barriers as a petite? Well, it takes a good eye and guts! Together we can build up the courage to ease into unleashing your inner fashionista this cooler season which will lift your spirits and elevate your closet. No more looking back! Let’s leap forward and examine 5 petite fashion risks to take this winter.

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Oversized Jacket

Think you can’t wear oversized pieces as a petite? Think again! While petites are known to steer clear of the oversized trend, embracing this silhouette will not only keep you looking en vogue but will help push your style boundaries. An oversized jacket is a great way to keep warm this winter and test the waters. It all depends on the cut of the jacket and your confidence level!

To flatter your petite frame, find a jacket you love that is cropped in length. Then purchase it in a size up or two than you normally would to give it that loose vibe. Not into cropped styles? Do the opposite and find a long trench and roll up the sleeves! Think of all the extra room you will have to layer these over the chunkiest of sweaters.

Bold Pattern Mixing

It’s true that dark colors rule during the cooler months but so do prints! Mix things up by selecting your favorite prints like houndstooth, small or large florals, polka dot, plaid, or herringbone to name a few, and pairing them together. Traditionally, this is a big fashion faux pas but in this day and age, wearing what you want reigns supreme.

To branch out and try this trend, stick to smaller prints at first which tend to flatter most petite frames. Then, find another print to pair with it that you love and feel comfortable with. I personally love wearing a large floral print blouse in winter colors paired with a smaller polka dot printed midi skirt for a polished yet maximalist look! Tone your look down by adding layers which is always a must during this cooler season.

Knee-High Boots

Put your sandals away! Winter calls for showing off your favorite boots. Petites are known to have a plethora of ankle booties in their closet but when it comes to a taller boot, finding a good fit that doesn’t make us look shorter can be tough. And a knee-high option?! Now that is really taking a risk! If you are unsure of how to wear a knee-high boot as a petite, don’t worry because I got you covered.

Opt for finding a pair with a sleek silhouette and avoid slouchy styles that can add extra bulk around the knees and calves. To avoid cutting off your legs, select a pair in a neutral shade or lighter color and look for a pointy toe option vs a rounded toe. Style with a cozy oversized sweater and your favorite skort or mini skirt to complete the winter wonderland look!

Winter White

Wearing white in winter is always a fashion statement. Although some might sidestep sporting this shade after Labor Day, it’s surprising how refreshing and modern wearing white can feel. To achieve this look, start off with a pure, crisp white focal point like jeans or a coat and build on it by adding white pieces in different hues. This will create a timeless and elevated head-to-toe look that even a snowman would be jealous of. Plus, monochromatic looks like this help create an illusion of length which is great for us petites.

Feel like wearing all white is too much? Mix in some soft beiges and creams for a balanced neutral palette. No matter how you incorporate white into your closet, this trend will help you keep an open fashion mind and encourage you to try something new.

Slip Dress

Want to try something different than the usual sweater dress style in winter? Try a slip dress! Slip dresses are no longer a go-to staple for spring and summer and are taking winter by storm. To make your slip dress more winteresque, snag one in a satin material and midi length. Jewel tones also add to the vibe!

Instead of layering a sweater over the dress to make it appear like a midi skirt, take a risk and try styling with your favorite long-sleeve tee worn underneath. Flatter your petite frame by adding your favorite textured belt to cinch in the waist. Pair with your favorite booties and accessories for a fashion-forward ensemble that will make you feel like you are walking out of the pages of a fashion magazine!

Whether you are in a fashion rut or are always ready to take on a new styling trend, it’s important to be comfortable and confident in the pieces you are wearing! Looking for the best-fitting petite pieces to help spice up your closet? Request your next Short Story box today!

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*Cover photo: Laura Byrnes