Where are my petite girls?! Just like any other height, petite women come in all different, beautiful shapes and sizes. It can be a struggle to find jeans that fit our petite proportions correctly. We're going to talk about 5 different types of jeans that are best for every body and some do's and don'ts!

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Sexy Skinny and Straight-Leg Jeans

These two classic styles of jeans work for all body types and is the most recommended for petite women. Not to mention, they're the easiest to hem without altering the original shape of the jeans. Skinny and straight leg styles also hug the hips and legs, which in turn makes you look longer and leaner—, So a few do's and don'ts when it comes to working with this style: DO go for dark washes, ankle length, and stretchy fabrics for a seamless look. Avoid jeans with large embellishments. These will chop up your figure, further shortening your petite stature.

Try to steer clear of jeans that are too long and bunch up at the bottom. This doesn't allow for a smooth vertical line down to your feet, cutting you off at the ankles and making you appear shorter than you actually are. No thanks!

Bootylicious Bootcut Jeans

A more subtle approach to flares, this classic wardrobe staple for so many petites tends to work best for apple and hourglass-shaped bodies. For hourglass figures, bootcut jeans will highlight the smaller waist and curvy hips. For apple shapes, the slight flare of the boot cut silhouette will balance out the rounded upper body.

DO try to pick a dark wash for a longer and leaner effect. Also, try to find bootcut jeans that are specifically petite. If they're too long, you might find yourself tripping over your own feet. Yikes! So try to find a pair that barely skims the floor. Avoid styles that are too short either—they'll make your legs look wider and you'll lose the lengthening effect.

Hip-Hugging High-Waisted Jeans

I don't know about you, but I am so glad that these are back in! This style can work for most heights and shapes but specifically benefits hourglass body shapes with regular or long torsos. High-waisted jeans elongate your body and draw attention to your small waist while lengthening you at the same time. DO try to go for monochromatic looks, such as a black shirt and black or dark wash jeans for added height! Look for styles that sit at or just above your navel for the most flattering look. Finding that they always sit too far above your navel? You may have a shorter torso and opting for a mid-rise style might be your better option. High waists on any style can instantly boost your height—skinny, straight, flared, cropped, you name it!

Do your best to steer clear of styles that flatten your gorgeous curves or create too many creases around your midsection, as this will add extra bulk that will take away from a taller & leaner look.

Beautiful Boyfriend Jeans

These jeans have remained a big trend over the last few years. Stylish AND comfy?! Yessss! While they flatter most body types, they're best for petite straight bodies. The trick for shorter girls to wear these jeans is to try to pick a pair that are a bit more form-fitting and tighter—some brands like to refer to these as "girlfriend jeans." These jeans typically have a folded or rolled cuff, so look for styles with a narrow cuff that doesn't require too many folds, as this will cause unflattering bulk around the shin area.

Do try out more form-fitting styles that hug your hips and fall straight the rest of the way. Don't go for a pair that's overly baggy and slouchy, which petite frames can easily get lost in.

Fabulous Flare Jeans

Just as styles come and go, they also sometimes repeat themselves when it comes to trends! Flares were most popular in the 1960's & 1970's, more commonly known as "bell bottoms" and have recently begun to resurface. Who doesn't love a good retro look? When it comes to flattering the body, this style is best for pear-shaped or straight bodies. Try to pick a pair that flares narrower than your hips and a style that goes to your shoes, but not longer than that. Flares at this length will make your legs look miles long! For us shorties, DO go for a petite specific pair. Otherwise, they'll likely need to be hemmed and this will take away some of the flared silhouette design.

Avoid super wide flares that are really tight at the knees and come very wide at the hem. You don't see these often, unless you're vintage shopping, but these styles can overwhelm us shorties and don't elongate the petite frame as well as more narrow styles.

Finding the best-fitting pair of jeans for your petite frame doesn't have to be difficult! Don't be afraid to try on different silhouettes and styles to find your favorite fit to wear all season long.

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