Capsule wardrobes! These have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Not only do they help the environment, capsules are also extremely versatile. Who doesn’t want a set of fool-proof go-to styles? In a sea of overwhelming silhouettes, it’s often difficult for petite gals to find styles that complement their petite figures. Here are the top 7 styles that every shorty needs in her wardrobe!

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1. The Jumpsuit

Perfect for so many different occasions, a jumpsuit does wonders for a petite figure. They’re so easy to dress up or down, making them perfect to take you from day to night. Just add your favorite jewelry and throw on a pair of heels to take it up a notch. Opt for a solid color or a continuous print to instantly elongate the body.

Short Story Tip: Skip larger prints and styles that don’t gather at the waist—a petite frame can quickly get lost in them. Height-boosting vertical stripes? Yes yes yes!
photo: Jean Wang, 5'0" 
photo: Natalie Craig, 5'2" 

2. The High-Waisted Jean

The rise in jeans is ever-changing in the fashion industry. One day it’s all about showing off your hips in a low-rise pair, and the next is all about a retro vibe from high-rise styles. One thing is for sure—high-waisted jeans are a petite gal’s best friend. For us shorties, lengthening our legs is key. High-waisted jeans elongate the figure while accentuating the waist. This also makes them perfect for more square-shaped bodies, as they create the illusion of both a higher and smaller waistline. You’ll appear taller even without heels!

Short Story Tip: While high-waisted jeans are great for a longer torso, shorter torsos look best with a mid-rise style.
photo: Jocelyn, 5’0" 
photo: Sheryl Luke, 5'2" 

3. The Fitted Blazer

A common problem petite gals run into is sophistication in their wardrobe. Smaller and shorter frames often find themselves shopping in the Junior section for better-fitting clothes, so styles can sometimes come off too young. This is where a fitted blazer comes in! With proper fit and structure, a fitted blazer can instantly elevate your wardrobe while flattering your petite frame. If going for a longer style, balance out the proportions with some skin or a pair of skinny jeans.

Short Story Tip: Pay attention to where shoulder seams and sleeve hems hit—they’re most flattering when they hit right at the top of the shoulder and right under your elbows or right at your wrists.
photo: Wendy Nguyen, 5'0" 
photo: Medge Beauvoir-Yellowlees, 5'0"

4. The Wrap Dress

A classic wrap dress is a must-have for a petite wardrobe. Whether you choose to go long or short, the V-neckline and fitted waist brings the eye down for a longer and leaner look. Both versatile and comfortable, wrap dresses can take you from desk to dinner or into the weekend.

Short Story Tip: If going for a tie-waist style, aim for a slimmer or smaller tie to lessen the bulk around your shorter frame.
photo: Kim Le, 5'0" 
photo: Sydne Summer, 5'3" 

5. The Mini Skirt

We shorties may not have “legs for days” as they say, but that doesn’t mean we can’t show them off! Shorter hemlines bring the eye up and instantly make you appear taller. Show off some skin during warmer seasons or style your mini skirt with tights and tall boots when it's cold out.

Short Story Tip: Mini skirts are perfect for showing off cute shoes! If you're looking to add more height, try nude heels to add a few more inches.
photo: Sazan Hedrix, 5'2" 
photo: Christine, 5'2" 

6. The Crop Top

Along with fit, getting the right proportion for your petite frame is a game changer. Instead of tops that hit you at the hips, try a style that’s cropped to your waist. Whether you have a long or short torso, a crop top paired with high-waisted bottoms will break up a petite body at just the right spot. You’ll lengthen your legs no matter what style of bottoms you're wearing!

Short Story Tip: Not a fan of crop tops? Style your tops tucked in to high-waisted bottoms to create the same effect.
photo: Sheryl Luke, 5'2" 
photo: Brooke, 4'10" 

7. The High-Waisted Trouser

With a petite figure, shopping for work attire can be challenging. When the goal is to look professional and sophisticated, the last thing you want is to be is drowning in your slacks and blouses. This is where the high-waisted trouser comes in! Just like the high-waisted jean, it helps to lengthen the body by bringing your waistline up. Try them with a tucked in blouse or fitted classic tee for a more polished feel.

Short Story Tip: For a more laid-back and effortlessly cool vibe, opt for a “French tuck” instead—tucking just the front of your shirt in while the sides and back are left loose. This is actually such an easy way to instantly elongate your frame, no matter what rise your pants are!
photo: Annie, 5'1" 
photo: Jean Wang, 5'0" 

These petite staples with spice up your closet and make you excited to get ready in the morning with ease. Look and feel your best with petite styles that compliment your frame and have fun creating outfits this season!

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