If you’ve had your eye on what jeans are being sold in stores lately, you’ll notice a resurgence of straight-leg styles and flared jeans - along with low rise reminding many of us of the early 2000s. You may wonder, are skinny jeans out of style in this day and age? While Gen-Z seems to say so, a lot of women still really want to wear skinny jeans as they find them more flattering or just more comfortable. And there’s absolutely no reason why you should stop wearing them! But if you are wanting to make them look a bit more on-trend for your petite frame, this is the post for you! The way we’ve been styling them for years has definitely evolved and this post will get you up to speed with a petite stylist’s expert advice.

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Create Balance With an Oversized Top

Skinny jeans used to be styled with tight tops to match but not anymore! The easiest way to make your skinny jeans look modern is to go for a voluminous top. Struggling to make the oversized top look work for your petite frame? Try a French tuck - simply tuck in the front part of your top loosely and allow the back to be untucked. This will help define your waist and create the illusion of length.

If you want to look less Millennial and more on trend, you may need to drop the long cardigan over a tee trend. Instead, swap out your cardigan for an oversized blazer which will elevate any outfit. It’s the perfect way to make your look more professional and can be just as comfy as a cardigan.

Try a Classy Combo

No outfit is better for a timeless look than a breezy button-up with a pair of jeans. Try a flowy button-up loosely tucked into a pair of ankle-length skinny jeans for an effortlessly classic outfit. Thinking that you can’t wear a cropped length? Think again! An ankle cut that sits just where it should (think a petite fit) will do wonders for your petite frame.

Add a pair of mules in a cognac brown color or if it’s still warm where you are go for a slide-on sandal instead. For a more stylish look, you can even go for a distressed pair of denim - think of some subtle distressing at the hems to still maintain that classy look.

Opt for a Cozy Vibe

This look is something you’d see Gen-Z wearing but that almost any age can pull off! Start with a colored pair of skinny jeans preferably in a darker color and pair them with a button-down cardigan in a neutral shade. The key to making this look cool is to wear the cardigan as a top - so go for a button-down style no matter what you choose.

Want to elongate your legs as a petite? Try a slightly cropped cardigan with high-rise pants to let your legs really shine. Then pair the ensemble with high-top sneakers or even with some chunky sneakers. It’s a low-key look that looks polished nonetheless and it’s super easy to personalize with your favorite layered rings and minimalist earrings.

Go Sky High With Heels

A good pair of heels are a match made in heaven with the right pair of skinny jeans. Heeled sandals, block heels, and heeled mules work best to keep this look fresh and current. The key to making this look really chic is to go for a high-rise pair of jeans to lengthen your legs. Then pair them with a mule-style sandal with a chunky heel in a neutral shade to achieve that modern feel!

To keep this look classy yet on trend, pair the whole look with a mock-neck sweater or long-sleeve top. When styling skinny jeans, opt for a top that is a little looser to create balance as a petite. Then to really up your fall or winter style, layer on a drapey trench jacket for the ultimate cool girl vibe!

Try Something a Bit More Flirty

This look is for all of you wanting to wear skinny jeans for your next date night! We’re not going for a slim crop top for this look - instead, go for a flirty cami top or something with a bit of movement. If you are petite with a shorter torso, cropped styles can really be an amazing fit.

To really elevate the look, try out a white pair of jeans with a black top as shown in the photo below. What makes this look really work is the matching black accessories - the coordinating bag and chunky heels finished with the cute gold hoops make this look classy yet so fun for getting drinks! If you want to make this look more petite-friendly, go for high-rise jeans that are ankle-length.

Ready to give your skinny jeans another chance? Keep in mind that jeans trends come in and out of style so often and skinny jeans will remain classy throughout the years even when some say otherwise. This is the fun of styling; you can make the look anything you want and with the right pieces you can look on trend no matter what.

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*Cover photo: Walk in Wonderland