This winter, I have got a few outfit ideas that are sure to turn heads! Sometimes we get in a rut where we get bored wearing our regular t-shirts and jeans on the daily. They may be pushing boundaries for you, but fashion should be fun, right? Explore different petite outfits to try and branch out with these petite styling tips!

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Playful Power Suit!

You can't go wrong with a traditional suit. Whether it's black, brown, navy or even herringbone. Instead of heels, try wearing your suit with sneakers! Just make sure that for petite women the suit is well tailored.

Try one out with a graphic tee for an edgier, laidback look, or slip on a sleek bodysuit under the jacket for a more sophisticated feel.

Chic Jogger Set

Okay, this next one isn’t rocket science, but a comfy jogger set is effortlessly chic! With all of us being home more often these days, we still want to look put-together without sacrificing comfort!

Think about throwing over a long dress coat and wearing loafers or heels instead of sneakers to instantly elevate the casual set.

Statement Leather Piece

Leather—classic yet edgy and definitely a wardrobe essential. Think outside of just a leather jacket. This could be a leather blouse, leather paper waist bag pants or even leather shorts.

My personal favorite is probably a leather dress! You can easily dress it up or down and the fun part is that when worn alone, it's already such a statement that you don't need jewelry.

Winter White

All right, I am just going to say it right now—wearing white after Labor Day is OK! You heard it here first!

With that being said, you might want to skip anything that's a bright white and instead look for an off-white or ecru color that's more flattering. There is nothing better than a beautiful long white dress coat in the winter.

Playful Pattern Mixing

I know a lot of us think about floral as a spring pattern, but it can absolutely be worn into winter as well!

Maybe pair it with polka dots or plaid? The trick is to try and stay in the same color family when mixing different patterns, as in the picture shown below!

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*Cover photo credit: Wendy's Lookbook