Finding ways to flatter your figure is something we all go through no matter our shape, size or height—and this isn’t just a one-time thing! Our bodies constantly change as we get older and move through life, so you’ll probably find yourself reevaluating what works best for your shape more than once. We’ve talked about ways to elongate a petite stature, but how do you do that while flattering a curvy shape at the same time? Fashion is never “one size fits all,” and it shouldn’t be! Here are a few ways to accentuate your full figure while creating the illusion of a taller frame at the same time!

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Waist Flattering Looks

One of the best ways to flatter your curvy figure AND make you appear taller simultaneously is to invest in pieces that cinch you at the waist, which instantly shows off your curves and lengthens your bottom half. Wrap styles and peplums are perfect for embracing your full figure as they bring the eye toward the midsection while accentuating your bust and hips. Hello, hourglass babe!

Have a looser top or dress you love but it doesn’t quite give you shape? Try styling it with a thin belt for the same effect. If you color-match the belt to the garment, this will also help create the illusion of a more balanced figure.

Hello, Collarbone!

A full chest on a shorter frame can easily feel overwhelming. The key? Opening up the area with necklines that expose your collarbone and neck! Too much fabric up top will shorten an already petite stature, so try to avoid high necklines and go for V-necks, square neck styles and scoop necks.

If you’re more conservative when it comes to your style and like to steer clear of too much cleavage, boatneck styles, off-the-shoulder, and one-shoulder tops could be just what you’re looking for. They expose a bit more skin without showing too much. Prefer a closed or high neckline? Opt for something in a knit fabric (think bodycon-esque) that hugs the arms and chest to still show off your curves.

Pretty in Prints

How many times have you fallen in love with a print you saw, only to feel “blah” when you tried it on? Prints are perfect for livening up any outfit, but they can easily overwhelm petite frames of all shapes and sizes because there isn’t as much “area space” to work with on shorter gals.

For curvy shapes, you want to avoid large prints as they can throw off the balance of your figure. Instead, look for smaller prints that look more uniform and consistent over the body. If there’s a larger print you love, pair it with a solid top or bottom to create more harmony among your proportions.

Bootcut Babe

If you want to add more balance to your curvy shape, consider skipping skinny silhouette bottoms. Because our curves are usually full at the chest and the hips, skinny bottoms can sometimes create the look of an inverted triangle for curvy shapes. Not into flared bottoms? Try a more subtle bootcut instead. The wider hem will balance out fuller hips and since bootcut styles are designed to cover the shoe and hit the floor, they’ll also make your stems look longer!

Not into the flared look in general? Wide-leg silhouettes are really on trend right now and can help balance wider hips with a fuller chest. They're also so comfy you probably won't even want to take them off when bedtime hits. Don't worry, I won't tell! ;)

All in the Fabric

When it comes to a curvy frame, fabric choice is SO important in getting the right fit. While woven fabrics are often too constricting, how do you tackle not having to constantly settle for knit t-shirts? Look for fabrics that have some sort of stretch to them, like a poly-spandex blend. This is especially important and helpful when it comes to blouses!

Say goodbye to gaping button-downs and hello to tops you won't just feel comfortable in, but put together too. Fabrics with more give will feel more comfortable and nicely hug your curves for a more flattering look.

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*Cover photo: kamexplainsitall