We’re heading into spring and you know what that means—prints, prints, and more prints! When you have a shorter frame, finding the most flattering prints for your stature can be difficult. Because we have less “area space” for a print to cover, they can easily become overwhelming. Be it the size of the print or even the combination of colors, we shorties can benefit from being a bit more mindful of our print choices when it comes to our wardrobes. Here are a few ways you can take a print and really make it work for you and your height!

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When going for a fun statement print, try what I like to call “print blocking.” To help create some balance, pair it with something solid or more toned down to let it stand out on its own. The cheetah print that Marisa is wearing isn’t too big, but isn’t too small either.

Pairing it with a neutral, mostly solid graphic tee allows the skirt to steal the show! Notice how also styling her tee knotted for a cropped look gives her printed skirt a longer, continuous flow down the body. This instantly creates the illusion of longer legs!

Monochromatic Magic.. again!

Now, this is actually a styling technique that I’ve honestly never thought to put together, so I’m pretty ecstatic that I came across this super cute look! Barbara does something similar to Marisa’s styling choice above, but instead, keeps the color story the same.

We already know that a monochromatic look from head to toe is already a fail-proof way to create the illusion of a taller frame, so how can you add even more height with minimal effort? In addition to keeping the colors the same, see if you can find that same color with vertical stripes! Aside from the continuous color bringing the eye down, so do the stripes!


Funny enough, this next example sort of embodies both styling tips above—a cropped top paired with something high-waisted that lengthens the bottom half and keeps prints uniform, like a monochromatic look! When going for a busier print, smaller works best for us shorties. They’re not as overwhelming on a petite frame and they just allow our looks to breathe a little. Wearing such a cute matching set, Tiffany sticks to just one print for her whole look, even though she’s wearing separates!

Similar to how a monochromatic look gives a petite frame an instantly taller look by keeping the eye flowing up and down seamlessly, wearing matching prints for your separates can do the same! Tiffany’s smaller print isn’t so large and bright that too much is going on and the fitted silhouette of her outfit helps to keep her petite frame looking long & lean.

Tone-on-Tone Prints

I have to say—I am in LOVE with this gorgeous look put together by Jean! This is another way you can combine a few of the petite styling tips we’ve talked about on the blog to really give your petite frame a boost. Notice how the print of her fun and flirty dress isn’t just small and subtle, but the sheerness and color is a similar shade to her skin tone, which we know, like a monochromatic look, tricks the eye into seeing a taller frame. She didn’t stop there though!

The deep v-neck also helps to bring the eye down and she kept her hem short, both details exposing more skin and adding extra inches. Lastly, she styled this look with tone-on-tone pointed heels, allowing her stems to look long and lean all the way down to her toes—GENIUS!

Bold & Bright Balance

Being petite doesn’t always mean you have to sacrifice fashion that better flatters a taller frame. Sometimes, even us shorties want to make bolder choices! So how do you do that in a way that’s still best for your petite frame? Balance! If you want to go bold & bright, offset the strong details of a larger and/or brighter print with more subtle styling and accessorizing. Kim does this perfectly with her vibrant palm print shift dress! Letting her statement dress be the absolute star of the show, she opted for simpler and minimal jewelry.

Even her larger tote choice has a minimal vibe with its classic and anything-but-fussy style and silhouette. To give herself an extra boost, she threw on tone-on-tone heels too in order to avoid getting cut off at the ankles, easily lengthening her legs.

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*cover photo credit: Flaunt & Center