Spring feels like a new beginning: flowers bloom, the sun shines, and the days get longer. Like most people, I’m ready for winter to end, so I started my spring cleaning early! I went through my closet and got rid of so many clothes, realizing I was in desperate need of a wardrobe refresh! Luckily, New York Fashion Week just concluded, so I had endless inspiration! Bright colors, patterns, and fun silhouettes will help you get the fresh start that you need! These trends will have you stepping out of your winter hibernation in style! Here’s a list of the must-haves for your spring closet!

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Gingham Galore

Gingham: this vintage pattern is something we see year after year, but what’s the best way to wear them as a petite woman? Large prints can overwhelm your frame, so stick with smaller checks, especially if you try the pattern in pants.

You can’t go wrong with the classic black and white; a piece with ruffles or puff sleeves will add a unique feminine touch. If you want to step out of your comfort zone, try some colorful gingham!

photo: Zarrin, 4'6" 


After being cozied up on the couch all winter, it can be hard to put on elaborate outfits in the morning. Never fear, for I present to you the jumpsuit! These make getting dressed in the morning fun and easy. Whether it’s denim or jersey, the key is a comfortable material and silhouette that you can dress up or down.

Jumpsuits can be especially difficult to find with petite proportions, but we have some great options at Short Story, like the classic striped jumpsuit featured on Kileen below!

photo: Kileen, 5'0" 

Denim Decisions

Let’s face it, denim trends have been confusing over the last few years! Should you wear skinny jeans, mom jeans, straight-leg, flares? In my opinion, the best denim is the silhouette that looks best on you! If you love a skinny jean that elongates your legs and shows off your curves, wear them! If you want a more relaxed, distressed denim, go for it!

In the end, you should wear what you feel comfortable in and what suits your body type best. I like to switch to a more light wash denim in the spring because it compliments pastels and bright colors really well.

photo: Madison 

Shrunken Sweater

As the weather warms up, you can ditch the chunky knits for a lightweight cardigan. Often seen with a matching tank, the shrunken sweater is a huge trend for this season. These mini cardigans look amazing with relaxed-fit jeans and a pair of sneakers!

If you're going for a more elevated look for the office, try styling these shorter cardigans with high-waisted slacks—the cropped style will help to create balance and will instantly elongate your legs if you're looking to add a few inches to your look!

photo: Pinterest

Bold & Bright Colors

Move to the side neutrals, the bold and bright colors are here! Normally we see lots of pastels in the spring, but saturated fabrics are the new way to go. Brighten up your day with sunny yellow, fuchsia pink, or Very Peri (Pantone Color of the Year).

Switch it up with unexpected color combinations, too! I’m definitely going to be experimenting with blue and yellow, pink and orange, and purple and green!

photo: Zia Domic 


Crochet was all over the runway, but there are so many wearable ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Going on a spring break vacation? Take a crochet bathing suit coverup; you’ll definitely be the most stylish on the beach!

Midi dresses and colorful tops are a fun way to incorporate this bohemian style into your closet. Plus it keeps you cool for the warm, sunny days ahead!

photo: Sazan Hendrix, 5'2"

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*Cover photo: Pinterest