Ever feel like you can’t keep up with trends? You’re definitely not alone. Now more than ever, fashion is constantly changing, with influence and inspiration coming from more than just the runway. The rise in social media has made its mark on the fashion industry, with people looking to mirror the styles of their favorite influencers and bloggers, and designers trying to keep up with what’s #trending when it’s time to put together their next lines. For this post, I’m narrowing it down to some of my favorite height-boosting trends you should totally consider trying this season.

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Micro Minis

Showing some skin has been seen all over the runways this season and with spring just weeks away, we’ll start to see those hems rising. So how high should you go? If you don’t mind this sexy trend, you’ve got to add some micro mini skirts(or shorts) to your wardrobe!

We shorties dream of having “legs for days” and this trend can help you get there—or at least the illusion of it! If you’re more on the conservative side, you don’t have to skip this trend altogether either. While it’s still chilly out, you can style your mini skirts or shorts with tights to add a bit more coverage.

Cool Girl Cut-Outs

If you’re into unique and edgier looks, you might want to hop on the cut-outs trend! This is another way you can work exposing skin into your looks if you’re not really into revealing too much with pieces like mini skirts.

Since you’ll find so many different kinds of cut-out designs, try to steer clear of designs that hit a petite frame in areas that will cause the body to look cut-off or unbalanced. Instead, try to keep the focus of this design detail in one area, like your chest and neck area.

Bralette Babes

Adding to the list of trends that show off some skin, bralettes and bra tops are making a huge comeback this season. Be it a simple bandeau top or something a bit more intricate, they’re perfect for giving you some added height when styled the right way.

In order to skip cutting your petite frame in awkward places, skip low-rise bottoms and pair your bralette or bra top with a style that's high-waisted to make you look even taller. Even the tiniest bit of midriff can flatter us shorties.

Wide-leg Wonders

This trend is perfect to pair with the last! Wide-legfull-length pants and trousers aren’t just for work anymore, and as intimidating as they might be for petite ladies, they’re definitely worth a try. Make sure you go for a style that’s high-waisted and full length—floor-skimming is my favorite—in order to create the best illusion of a taller frame.

Also, skip the styles that are overly baggy. This can be overwhelming on a shorter frame, and since these pieces are usually made in not-so-casual fabrics, wearing a pair that’s too oversized can make it look sloppy. So, go with the wider silhouette, but keep it sleek and fitted at the waist and hips.

Chic & Sheer

Calling all my flirty romantic ladies with this 2021 trend! The trends I've covered have all been about exposing skin and this one stays right on track with them, but in a softer, more subtle way. Instead of bare skin, change it up a bit with something sheer!

This trend can help a petite frame look less overwhelmed with the light, airy feel of the fabric, in addition to also showing some skin. So many designers are incorporating this kind of fabrication into their lines, and I honestly can't wait to incorporate them into my wardrobe—*little girl squeal!* I'm thinking of a fitted square-neck top with sheer, romantic balloon sleeves. How about you?

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