If you’re short and curvy, finding flattering outfits can be a challenge. We know this firsthand as we style many curvy clients. But here at Short Story, where we've styled an array of curvy figures, we celebrate every body's unique beauty. The key is understanding the styling strategies that flatter each shape. Wondering how to highlight your curves as a petite? Let go of outfit anxiety and dive into our latest post, where we share expert tips to help you wear your curves with pride.

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Use Color Blocking

For the petite and curvy, color blocking is a savvy styling secret. It works wonders with both separates and one-pieces like dresses or jumpsuits. This technique allows you to accentuate your favorite features and downplay others. If you want to draw attention away from your lower half, opt for darker pants or skirts paired with a light, eye-catching top. Reverse the palette if you're self-conscious about your upper body. And don't forget the golden ratio rule for a harmonious balance that enhances your overall look!

Consider Dresses with Defined Waistlines

Although flowy and oversized styles can be comfortable, these oversized shapes hide your natural curves and often create a shapeless silhouette that further shortens a petite frame. When your waist is defined with a belt or a dress with a fit and flare silhouette, you can create the illusion of an elongated silhouette and help define your petite figure.

Skip Exaggerated Sleeves

Any sleeve with a lot of volume - think batwing, bell, and puff sleeves can be super fun! However, the added volume even just on sleeves adds extra bulk to the body causing you to lose sight of your natural curves. Focus instead on sleeves that are a bit more fitted to the arm which will help create a vertical line that is more flattering to a curvy petite frame.

A few great options flattering a curvy petite figure are off-the-shoulder styles and a wrap neckline. The v-neck of a wrap silhouette adds just enough length to the neck/torso area of the body, enhancing curves. The open neckline of off-the-shoulder adds some extra length by exposing a bit of skin.

Tuck in Your Shirt

Long tops or anything that covers the zipper area of your pants/jeans aren’t the most flattering for petite curvy gals. This is because anything on the longer side in terms of tops tends to shorten the legs which are the longest part of the body. Have you tried the "tucking in your shirt" styling hack?

Doing something as simple as tucking in your top can make a major difference to your shape and help highlight your curves. Try a French tuck where you tuck the front of your shirt into your favorite skirt or pair of jeans to create shape. Opt for a simple knot if preferred.

Try a Simple Sleeve Roll

This trick seems too simple to work but it really has a great impact on your figure as a petite woman - curvy or not! By rolling your sleeves up to mid-forearm, you are showing a bit of skin and creating longer lines which overall, lengthens your petite frame. This can be a great way to style more voluminous sleeves as it creates a break in the silhouette and shows off your figure a bit without being too much.

In fall and winter, you can try this technique out with lightweight sweaters and cardigans. With sweaters, you don’t want to push up the sleeves - this will create more volume which we want to avoid. Go for a rolled look and add some bracelets for a bit of personality!

Our Most Important Tip

Ultimately, dressing as a curvy petite is really about confidence and comfort in your own style. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and self-empowered, and excited to rock your favorite looks with confidence.

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*Cover photo: Mommy in Heels