Comfort meets style–how could it get any better?! Whether you are a fashion-forward trendsetter or someone who enjoys keeping your outfits timeless and classic, jumpsuits can give you the best of both worlds. Finding the perfect fit can sometimes be a challenge as a petite; but when you do, it can be an instant confidence boost! Let's discuss how you can find the best petite fit and how to style jumpsuits for any occasion.

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Why Find a Petite Fit?

Most petites have had that moment when they find a jumpsuit, go into the dressing room, and realize the sleeves, torso, and leg lengths are just WAY too long. And it's not a cute look to feel like one of those inflatable air dancers outside of a car dealership. But don't fret- we can help narrow down the best fit for you.

When looking for a jumpsuit, identifying your petite dimensions is key! Do you have a shorter or longer torso? Short or long legs? Where does your natural waist sit? Knowing the answers to these will help determine how long you need the rise to be and what length to look out for which will ensure the best fit. Looked for styles with a cropped length and shorter rise to complement your petite frame. Continue reading for your guide to petite-specific ways to style your next jumpsuit moment!

Make a Statement

Are you an accessory gal?! One of the chicest ways to style a jumpsuit is to add your favorite pair of shoes or accessories. To do this in a manner that reduces the potential overwhelm of mixed patterns and colors, try a solid neutral base in colors like navy, black, creams, and gray. That way, the jumpsuit can act as the canvas upon which your personality is able to shine via your statement shoe/accessory!

Whether you like fun headbands, jewelry, or crossbody bags, we have you covered! If you are worried that jumpsuits can make you feel shorter than you are, try a nude or neutral sandal for a flattering streamlined look you can feel your best in.

Layer Up

My favorite way to style a jumpsuit is to layer it with other loved pieces in my wardrobe. There are endless opportunities for your creativity to flourish! For those who enjoy a more laidback and casual style, try layering a tee underneath a denim jumpsuit (or overalls). For a polished professional look, pop on a blazer over one for an elevated option!

Another fun way to style a jumpsuit on a chilly day is to pair it with a cozy pullover sweater! For balanced proportions on a shorter stature, opt for layering pieces with a more figure-hugging fit or tie-waist detail.

Belt It

If not already, a belt (or two) will become your new best friend! Jumpsuits are amazing for all, especially for us petites. One of the reasons is because of the continuous vertical line that the silhouette creates: a line that can especially add the illusion of length.

If you are aiming to accentuate your curves, a belt can do just the trick! A black or brown one is the perfect neutral option since they will match printed or solid options. If the jumpsuit already features a belt, even better!

Keep It Cropped

Oftentimes, cropped bottoms fit like full-length bottoms for those of us with shorter legs. Sometimes, that can be a great thing; other times, discouragement can set in. However, when jumpsuits are constructed in a way that hits just right, it can be the best feeling! Find an inseam cut right above the ankle or mid-calf for a true cropped and flattering fit.

Cropped styles can actually be a fun option to reach for, especially throughout the warmer months. Rompers are also fun! Jumpsuits can come in all shapes and sizes so make sure to choose the one that makes you feel like you.

Rock a Print

Patterned jumpsuits are invitations to embrace your playfulness! From animal prints to florals to classic stripes, you decide what makes you feel best! Sometimes larger prints can feel overpowering on petites, so smaller patterns can definitely balance out the look!

If you do want to tone down a larger print on a jumpsuit, add on a solid neutral layer over top for a more muted moment. Plus, patterned jumpsuits are never going out of style so it makes for a timeless staple for your closet. The patterned possibilities are endless!

Easy, breezy, effortless style is just at your fingertips! No matter what style you find yourself gravitating towards, jumpsuits can be the perfect go-to pieces to keep in your wardrobe. From statement accessories to playful prints, with this guide and the help of your stylist, styling a jumpsuit can be such a fun experience!

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*Cover photo: Krystin Lee