As petite ladies, we definitely know that fashion & style is never one-size-fits-all. It’s barely one-size-fits-most! We’ve been left out when it comes to how brands design their lines for forever and even now that petite fashion is finally making strides in the right direction, our individual heights still make so much of a difference within our own petite community. From 4’6” to 5’4”, these shorties have embraced their heights and figured out how to add a few inches to their petite frames in ways that are best for them. Could they work for you?

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Zarrin, 4'6"

Pairing her already elongating black skinny jeans with black boots instantly does wonders for her legs. To give her even more length, Zarrin styled her top tucked in to accentuate her natural waistline, so even though the moto jacket hits her at the hips, the eye still see’s a long vertical line that easily adds a few inches to her super short stature. Notice that her boots have a pretty low heel, but with the right styling, she's still able to add a few inches to her look!

Marisa Kay, 5'0"

Flats aren’t usually the best way to give you some added height, but check out how Marisa still creates the illusion of a taller frame by simply combining two petite hacks—showing off some skin + a shorter hemline! The hem of her little black romper hits her at just the right spot, exposing enough skin to give her some length and even though she’s not wearing any sort of heel, the color match to her skin keeps the eye flowing down to her toes, making her look taller since nothing cuts her off at the ankles.

Tiffany, 5'2"

The first thing I noticed when I came across this casual-glam outfit (yes, it’s possible!) was how her choice of shoes also instantly gives her some length. Taking the tone-on-tone shoe trick to the next level, the clear design of her shoes are perfect for longer hems. Since she doesn’t get added height from exposed legs, the clear design still prevents her from being cut off at the ankles and the heels push her up, creating a nice narrow point that leads the eye down to her tippy-toes.

Barbara, 5'3"

We’ve talked about monochromatic looks a lot on our blog, but I really think it’s an overlooked petite hack. It’s a tried & true way to style your way to a taller frame and it can be done in so many different ways—exact color styling, varying shades, sleek & fitted, or relaxed & laidback. Barbara embodies this styling tip by combining the exact same color throughout her entire outfit and even though she doesn’t accentuate her waist with this look to lengthen her stems, the coloring and choice of a fitted midi skirt instantly does the job for her! She also went for a sexy side slit—another petite-style hack!

Rebecca, 5'4"

My favorite part about Rebecca is that she can take everyday casual pieces and really elevate them with her styling. While she is on the “taller” end of the petite spectrum and may not need petite styling tips as much as other shorties, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t love a boost in height too! I’ve dubbed her the Queen of the French-Tuck, always highlighting her waist and easily adding length to her bottom half. This super simple petite hack is perfect for her chic outfit below, especially given the high contrast of the white denim and dark brown booties that can sometimes cause the leg to look shorter.

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