Believe it or not, there are stylish ways to stay warm! And the rumors are true - petites can find winter coats that actually fit their proportions! The petite styling experts here at Short Story have compiled a go-to guide, exploring a variety of coat styles and pinpointing what matters when selecting your ideal coat. We also highlight the best petite styling tips for each option. Take notes and get inspired!

Stylist tip: For the best fit, choose petite! When petite pieces are designed, they’re made with petite proportions in mind. True petite coats are made with a fitted body, shrunken shoulders that will comfortably fit petite frames, and a sleeve that will hit at or a little lower than the wrist. Plus, the hemline won't be too long!

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The Peacoat | Timeless Classic

When at the office or out to brunch with friends, the peacoat is a perfect coat for any occasion. I personally own 3! Its thickness and versatility make it one of the go-to layering pieces for petites this winter. A true peacoat is double-breasted with a button closure and made out of a thicker material like wool, designed to keep you warm while still looking oh-so-chic.

When looking for this style of coat, decide on color! Tans, greys, black, and navy are timeless options. Mix things up by choosing a dark green or ruby red for some extra spice! Opt for a coat that is structured and fully lined to maximize warmth. For petites, it's important to pay attention to the length of the coat. Ensure your hem hits to or right above your knees for a flattering fit that won't cut off your legs for a shortened appearance.

The Trench Coat | Parisian Chic

Ooh la la! The trench coat is a Parisian classic that isn't going anywhere. This coat is the perfect lightweight layering piece in areas where it doesn't get too cold or have a lot of snow. So what makes this coat so special? Practically, it can help shield you from the rain if your trench is made of a waterproof fabric. Fashion-wise, it can turn a casual outfit into a dressy one in an instant!

Looking to add a trench to your closet? Search for options that are fitted vs. oversized so as to not overwhelm your petite frame. Too much material can create a boxy silhouette and hide your figure. Finding a trench with an adjustable belt is a must! This will help cinch in your waist and give you a gorgeous snatched shape on a rainy day out.

The Wrap Coat | Modern Sophistication

If you are finding the peacoat rather boring in your fashion-forward wardrobe, the wrap coat is a game-changer! This style of coat usually features large lapels, a soft belt, and an overall less structured fit. This can be worn open or tied depending on what look or silhouette you want to want to achieve.

Worried this style might not be for you? Here are some petite tips! Large lapels can feel overwhelming on a petite frame especially if you have broad shoulders or a larger bust. If that's the case, look for options when a slimmer lapel and a drop-shoulder for a more flattering fit on your upper body. This will create a slimmer appearance you can feel good in!

The Raincoat | Practically Stylish

With the rain on its way this winter, a raincoat is an ideal choice to stay dry in. These coats are usually fabricated in a waterproof or water-resistant material. What's the difference? Waterproof is the ultimate protection against rain and can handle heavier showers whereas water-resistant is a lower level of rain protection.

I love a raincoat with a great balance between casual and dressy. Since most raincoats can have a sporty and utilitarian vibe, look for silhouettes with a nice lining, slim pockets, and gold/silver hardware detailing which can elevate this style and take it to the next level. Opting for a style with a cinched waist creates a flattering hourglass shape that petites can feel comfortable wearing all day long no matter the weather!

The Coatigan | Elevated Casual

Move over thick and heavy winter coats! The coatigan is here! For those who aren’t familiar with this gem, a coatigan is a cross between a cardigan and a coat. The material is lightweight, thicker than your normal cardigan yet thinner than a coat, making it ideal for layering. And who doesn't love a good layer in winter?!

A true petite coatigan will ensure the correct torso and sleeve length which is an overall flattering look you won’t get lost in. Also, their streamlined and vertical feel creates length and structure. This staple looks stunning dressed up with a sheath dress or when paired casually with a striped tee and jeans. The choice is yours!

No matter what style you choose, a great-fitting coat can instantly make you feel confident and beautiful this winter! So continue to stay warm, stylish, and powerfully petite!

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*Cover photo: Musings by Madison