Nowadays, most of us are a bit more casual when it comes to our wardrobes. So many of us have shifted to working from home and some of us are doing our best to balance that with being teacher-aids as our living rooms have turned into our kids’ classrooms. It’s no surprise that we’re all trying to stay comfy as we tackle the busy days—less fuss means more time to keep up with the chaos. But does that mean we have to sacrifice feeling good in what we wear? Not at all! Everyday outfits can still feel and look special with just a little more thought and a few easy tweaks. Here are a few ways you can instantly take your everyday looks to the next level!

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The classic blazer—sleek, sophisticated, and a sure-shot way to take any outfit up a notch. The next time you’re wearing your favorite jeans and a classic tee, try layering your look with a blazer instead of a zip-up hoodie or cardigan. I guarantee you’ll instantly feel a bit more polished and put-together, which can do wonders for how you tackle your day. Blazers come in so many styles these days, so I’d suggest an open-drape blazer or a style that still looks good worn unbuttoned. The more laidback look will easily fit in with your more casual outfits.

Short Story Tip: Since comfort is key when it comes to an everyday outfit, look for a blazer in a knit fabric or with some stretch to it instead of a traditional structured, stiff style.

Long Coats

Like the blazer, there’s just something about a long coat that feels elevated. I honestly feel like I walk a little bit taller whenever I throw on a long coat, even if I've just got leggings and a sweatshirt underneath. What makes a long coat even better for us shorties? The clean, long line will create the illusion of a taller frame, even if you're only wearing a cute pair of flats or your favorite sneakers. The next time you go for an athleisure-inspired look, layer with a long coat instead of a more casual athletic or denim jacket to instantly put a little pep in your step!

Short Story Tip: To keep your proportions looking long and balanced, go for bottoms that hit you around the same length as the hem of your coat.

Jewelry & Accessories

Accessorizing is probably the easiest way to take any outfit up a notch. One thing I realized during this pandemic is that my whole attitude changes when I throw on a pair of my favorite earrings, even if I’m just going to be home all day! Add color and texture to a plain sweatshirt with a fun statement necklace or wear some hoop earrings with your college hoodie. The touch of shine, no matter how subtle, can make any casual outfit feel and look more stylish overall.

Short Story Tip: If you’re not much into jewelry, try tying a pretty scarf around your head like a headband or around your ponytail. This is a perfect chance to liven up your looks with fun colors and prints, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Luxe Fabrics

While most of us don’t like to grab fancy fabrics when we put together everyday outfits, fearing we'll ruin them or like it might be a bit “extra,” you should totally consider it! Fabrics with some sort of sheen to them can easily make any outfit a bit fancier without going over the top when mixed with casual fabrics. Not into the shine? Sheer fabrics are also perfect for elevating your everyday outfits while adding a bit of edge to your look.

Short Story Tip: The next time you go for a casual layered look, like jeans + tee + cardigan, swap the tee for a simple satin cami to instantly change the entire vibe of your outfit.


It’s no secret that heels easily take any outfit to the next level, so why not do that for your everyday looks? You probably don’t want to head to the grocery store in stilettos, so go for a chunky block heel to wear with your more casual look. Up for trying something a bit out of the box? Try hemming loose sweatpants to a slightly cropped length, just like the look of wide-leg jeans, then throw on a pair of block heel booties that won’t expose any of your legs. Add a classic white tee with a French-tuck and a denim jacket and you’ll have fellow fashionistas in their sweatsuits itching to go home to take some scissors to their sweatpants so they can get on your style level!

Short Story Tip: Invest in a pair of classic black suede block heel booties! Sometimes the shine of leather can look too fancy with more casual fabrics—suede is perfect for a laidback look and the subtle sheen and texture of it still feels special.

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