As the famous Coco Chanel once said, “Accessories are what makes or marks a woman”. They are a game-changer that can add texture and dimension to any outfit and are key in pulling a look together. Typically when choosing an accessory for a petite gal, you want to stay in proportion to your body so you don't overwhelm your small frame. We here at Short Story are obsessed with accessories so I'm sharing our top five favorites that we love to send out to our clients for the finishing touch on their curated collection and how to style them.

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For all the girls that love shiny things and bling, jewelry is the perfect option. As a petite gal if you feel like larger jewelry overtakes your decolletage, then take note! Look for a style that hits the base of your neck around 16’’ in length. You can never go wrong with a dainty necklace, a classic string of pearls, or a delicate bar style. If you prefer a longer style, opt for a charm or pendant style.

Add some arm candy with a delicate bracelet or thinner cuff style and if you want some extra glam, create an arm party by stacking them. Do you have pierced ears? Then earrings are another chic option, from studs to hoops, there are so many options to style with.


Attention all bag ladies! What a fantastic accessory for any woman to carry all her necessities in. Generally, petites want to avoid larger bags and choose smaller ones that don’t overwhelm their petite frame. Calendar check, do you have a special occasion or a night out planned? Then a wristlet or a clutch is a chic choice. For my sporty spice girls that just carry the basics, a belted crossbody bag is a great option. This versatile bag comes in a variety of colors to match all your looks.

The classic satchel is another option you can't go wrong with and it comes in all shapes and sizes so finding one to complement your style and wardrobe won't be hard to do. What it all comes down to is choosing a bag that is fashionable and functional for your lifestyle.


Soak up the sunshine and protect your eyes in style with a pair of sunglasses. We here at Short Story carry chic styles and can help you find the perfect pair for your face shape. For our girls with a round-shaped face, you will look best in a flirty round cat eye style that will flatter your beautiful face. If you have a heart-shaped face, try one of our classic aviator styles.

Next up for the gals with a square shape face, you too can choose the classic aviator or our moderate cat eye with textured metal. Last but not least, if you have an oval shape, flatter your face by selecting a round, rectangle, or aviator style. Whichever face shape you were blessed with, just leave us a request note and we will send you one of our new styles!


Besides showing off your snatched waist or using them to create curves, belts are another stylish accessory option to polish off your outfit. For the petite gals who are short-waisted, try choosing a smaller-scaled belt up to 1.5’’ for a figure-flattering look. What happened to “go big or go home”? Don't completely count out the big wide belts! They are ideal for petite gals with longer torsos.

When opting for this style, whether you have a short or long torso, you can always rock it in a monochromatic color that matches your outfit or is the same shade as your top so the focal point is not purely on your belt. An easy way to create or show off your curves is by belting a dress or a layering piece like a blazer or cardigan.

Hats & Headbands

Another fun way to elevate your look is with hats and headbands, such as funking up your outfit with a fedora. Since it’s a slender option, it’s a flattering style that works well on petite women and can be dressed up or dressed down. For the gals that love to sunbathe and soak up vitamin D, the fun floppy hat is a fabulous choice.

Are you having a bad hair day? Here’s a trick all petite gals can adhere to: throw your hair up in a ponytail and rock a baseball or trucker-style hat and you are good to go! Another favorite is the headband and the knotted style that is on-trend yet classic. Printed cotton styles add a feminine touch to anyone's look and accessory collection.

Petite stylist tip: Remember, the general rule of thumb is to make sure the brim of the hat doesn't extend wider than your shoulders in order to ensure a balanced look

As illustrated, accessories are another carefree way to express yourself. It's all about having fun, being fearless, and choosing what you love. Figure out what makes you feel comfortable and confident to level up your look!

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