Being able to walk out looking chic and stylish can be challenging for a petite gal. Not to worry, @shortstorybox always has your back! We are sharing five basic styling tips that will make it simple and fun to wake up and get dressed and will flatter your petite proportions. Regardless if you are accomplishing your career goals, with the girls at brunch sipping on bottomless mimosas or cheering on your kiddos from the sidelines, you will look perfectly put-together. Follow these basic tips to become a confident and professional petite fashionista!

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The Golden Ratio Rule

It sounds so fancy but it is actually quite simple. This is also known as the rule of thirds. If your goal is to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the rule suggests breaking up the body into uneven proportions. In order to achieve this, one would break the body up into a ⅓ and ⅔ uneven ratio. To accomplish this, pair a high-waisted bottom and tuck in a blouse or wear a cropped top. You can also reverse this by wearing low-rise shorts with a longer top.

Use this ratio and voila!! You instantly change the proportions of your petite body and make your outfit look oh-so-flattering. And no one knows more about the best-fitting proportions than us at Short Story, especially when it comes to inseams and rises. If you are looking to venture out and try a high-rise option, request high-rise trousers and a cropped tee in your next set!

Create Vertical Lines

If you want to look taller and slimmer, meet your new bestie- vertical lines! They draw the eye up and down creating the illusion of additional height and are a straightforward way to create a longer and leaner look. Finding a vertical striped printed piece like a jumpsuit or a shirt is the easiest way to achieve this.

Don't just limit yourself to stripes- they can also be found in seams, the button lines of a shirt, or a pleated skirt. Rock a long jacket or cardigan paired with a dress for another chic maximizing lengthening effect.

Show Off Your Neckline

Are you ready for a mini tutorial on necklines? Let's start with a universal favorite, the classic scoop neck which is flattering on all body shapes. Flash some décolletage in a v-neck style! V-necks have a magical slimming effect and can elongate your neck making it ideal for someone with a short torso, a curvy body, or a plus-sized figure. Want to try a flattering v-neck style? Bodysuits with this neckline are a great option!

Feeling flirty? Try the sweetheart neckline! This is perfect for enhancing the natural bustline and is especially flattering for busty babes or hourglass or apple-shaped figures. Currently trending at the moment is the square neckline which brings attention to the shoulders making it perfect for a petite gal with narrow shoulders.

Choose Smaller Prints vs. Larger Prints

Here is the scoop on prints- you want to opt for smaller-scale graphics and prints like whimsical polka dots or geo. Floral is a go-to year-round with moody floral prints being popular in the fall and winter while pastel and bright floral patterns are a staple for the spring and summertime.

The rule of thumb for petite gals suggests looking for bloom or print no larger than your fist. Unfortunately, big prints are known to overwhelm a petite frame, but that doesn't mean you totally have to avoid them. Have fun expressing yourself wearing prints and remember sometimes it's fun to break the rules!

Are you ready for a trick? Layer a solid-colored jacket, cardigan, or sweater over a boldly printed top or dress to take it down a notch and flatter your petite frame

Invest in "One-and-Done" Styles

Say yes to the dress! A short dress is an easy breezy choice instantly showing some skin and elongating your legs. Maxi dresses work too, just make sure you find the right length. The guideline? It should typically hit 1-2 inches above the ground and you have found a winner!

Jump on the jumpsuit trend for a perfectly put-together, universally flattering look. This is another easy way to create a vertical line and can be especially flattering for a woman with a longer waist and shorter legs. With the weather warming up, the romper is another chic option to try out that will look amazing on all figures, making it perfect to rock for any occasion. Stress less when getting ready and choose a one-piece wonder to achieve an effortlessly stylish look!

Styling your petite frame should be fun and effortless. With these tips, we know you will feel and look your best!

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*Cover photo: Sydne Style