Moto jackets have quickly been embraced as a modern staple and unlike in the past, you don't have to own a motorcycle or be in a punk band to rock one. This classic layering piece can seem intimidating because of its edgy nature but it can easily be incorporated to reflect many styles. From colors to textures, there are so many different varieties out there to choose from. Not only is variety important when it comes to outerwear but so is fit. That's why Short Story aims to carry petite-specific styles that won't be too long in the arms or torso and fit just right! Let’s dive in by examining fit and see how this piece can be worn to reflect your own style and provide inspiration along the way.

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Why Choose a Petite Fit

Sadly for us petites, most jackets out there aren't petite-friendly, making it difficult to find options that aren't too long in the sleeves or too big in the shoulders. When opting for a true petite cut, your petite proportions are highly taken into consideration to ensure the best fit for you!

Short Story not only carries an array of petite-friendly moto jackets but also collaborates with premium brands to curate exclusive petite styles. Having pieces in your own closet precisely cut with your proportions in mind is something that will never go out of style. We want you to feel good about the pieces you are in! Let's discover how you can style this timeless jacket no matter your style!


Boho-inspired moto jackets play around with different neutral colors and fun textures. Suede, fringe, studs, and embroidery are only some of the fun key elements you will find on this layering piece. Because of this, each moto jacket is unique and can be tailored to your own personal taste.

Whether you are wearing your favorite distressed flares and a graphic tee or a crochet detail maxi dress, you can’t go wrong with throwing this jacket on to complete the look, perfect for an outdoor brunch or a music festival! Opt for a cropped look to really compliment your petite body shape.

Everyday Casual

If you are looking to elevate your everyday casual style, the moto jacket is a perfect choice for you! It really helps take any simple and effortless outfit and makes it feel finished and fresh. Normally, I tend to go for an oversized hoodie or cardigan when casually running errands or meeting up with friends but I’ve found that this fitted jacket raises my style game and makes me feel put together in a whole new way.

For an athleisure look, try layering an all-black jacket over a thin hoodie with joggers and sneakers. You can't go wrong with jeans too! Tired of the black moto jacket trend? Try a neutral stone shade that will match so many pieces in your current closet!


When I think of romantic styles, I usually picture ruffles, lace, chiffon, and not moto jackets. But believe me, this combination works! Instead of an edgy black leather or faux leather style, opt for a satin or velvet material that really softens the silhouette of the jacket. Embroidered florals and patterns aren't going anywhere and look flawless and gentle on a fitted jacket.

Try styling with a flowy midi or maxi skirt and see how well this jacket can complement the outfit. Don’t be afraid to try a pastel or floral printed moto jacket for that ultimate romantic statement outfit!


If you have more of a classic style, blazers are most likely your go-to outerwear of choice. While they are timeless and elegant, blazers can give off a corporate vibe especially if you dress formally for work. How can you transform your desk outfit into a night-out look? Layer on a moto jacket! It instantly creates the feel of a whole new outfit with one simple wardrobe change.

If black feels too harsh, try a cream or neutral version! I invested in one with gold hardware and polka-dot detailing to keep close to my classic roots. Layer over a bodysuit with modern trousers for a timeless night out look!


Hang up your varsity sweater and try layering it with a moto jacket! This polished and put-together aesthetic is no stranger to tailored outerwear like the camel peacoat and houndstooth blazer. Try mixing it up by choosing a jacket in a tweed material or a bright color like hot pink. Pair with a collared button-down shirt, a tennis skirt, and your favorite pearls to create juxtaposition without going overboard.

Have a pretty pastel moto jacket in your closet already? It would look stunning layered over a tweed sheath dress and your favorite quilted clutch for a complete head-to-toe outfit!

No matter what styles you love to wear, a moto jacket is a true gem to have in your closet that I know you will treasure. Plus, it fits into every aesthetic making this outerwear piece so versatile. You won't regret snagging a true petite fit!

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