Want to look effortlessly stylish, while simultaneously embodying a chic and polished aesthetic? Well, look no further because a midi skirt is just the way to achieve a Pinterest-worthy look! As a petite, sometimes midis can seem like a tough piece to style, due to their length–not long, yet not short. But with the right complementary pieces, these can truly be staples to include in your wardrobe especially as they can be worn all throughout the year. Read on if you’d like some petite-specific tips for styling that midi that’s been sitting patiently in your wardrobe, just awaiting its time to shine!

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Fully Tucked

Because midis are often characterized by looser, flowy silhouettes, a great way to create balance is by fully tucking in the top you choose to pair with it. Doing so can give you more shape and flatter your waistline if that’s the look you are going for! A tucked look can also be an easy way to elevate your outfit and allow you to exude a put-together presentation!

As midis naturally tend to sit higher on the waistline, a top that is tucked can additionally add an element of visual proportionality which is ideal for petites! As the cooler temperatures are approaching, how about pairing one with a sweater? Add on your favorite booties when grabbing a coffee and meeting up with friends!

Styled With a Fitted Top

Much like with tucking, styling a midi with a fitted top can certainly create balance! For this reason, bodysuits make excellent teammates, especially for professional outfits! Not only are they fitted, but they are tucked by design. Find a bodysuit specifically made for petites that features a shortened torso for the best fit! Plus, thinner bodysuits are the perfect base for styling with your favorite cardigans or denim jackets in the cooler months.

Fitted tops like these or others in your favorite neckline are definitely the way to go. For a casual weekend vibe, a tee would be an excellent midi skirt pairing. Add those Chucks and you are all set!

Paired With Outerwear

The best way to add a touch of personality to your look is by slipping into your favorite jacket or piece of outerwear! As noted before, visual balance/proportion is key, so especially for us petites, cropped jackets can help achieve this. Other styles can look great as well like a button-down shirt worn buttoned.

Short Story carries a variety of outwear tailored to us petites, so whether you’re wanting a denim moment for the weekend or a blazer for a day at work, we have got you covered! When styling a fitted midi skirt, opt for a looser-fit outerwear option, and when wearing an a-line midi with more flare, stick to a fitted style on top.

Slip on the Right Shoes

The right shoes can truly make or break an outfit! Depending on the season and style, different skirts will look best with different shoes! The easiest way to create an elongating and lengthening effect on petites (if that is what you’re going for) is to pair your midi with neutral-colored shoes–especially pointed heels, mules, or flats. This can create greater visual continuity, especially on a petite frame!

Another styling idea, to balance out the top and bottom halves, is to try matching the color of your shoes to the color of your top (or one of the more subtle colors found in your top)! Nude, beige, tans and creams are great neutral top options that never go out of style.

Your Fave Silhouette

The right silhouette is everything! Whether you tend to gravitate toward ruffled bohemian looks or structured sheath styles, the most important styling tip is to find a midi skirt that truly makes you feel like yourself! When we wear clothing that speaks to us, we are more inclined to take on the day with greater confidence in who we are–and what more beautiful a thing?!

For those of us romantics out there, ruffles or floral skirts are definitely dreamy options! Looking for a midi that leans more classic? Stick to a stream-lined pencil style. Whatever style you love, finding a great petite fit can really help you find a skirt in the preferred midi length you love!

As a petite, creating fashionable outfits with midis can seem a daunting and ambitious endeavor. Given the right styling, however, they can quickly become your new go-to! Apply these tips or create a twist of your own!

What is your favorite way to style a midi? Request your next Short Story box today and head over to our Instagram @shortstorybox to see the latest pieces we carry!

*Cover photo: Sugar Love Chic