Want to know more about a piece of clothing in your wardrobe that will forever endure and withstand the test of time?! Well, friends, it’s your trusted blazer! Whether you enjoy a cropped look to balance your petite frame or a trendy oversized option for a casual effortless look, blazers are really that go-to gorgeous piece that really elevates your closet. Continue scrolling for fun ways to style this timelessly fashionable piece and find your best petite fit!

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How to Determine Your Best Fit

As a petite, generally finding the perfect fit for jackets can often be a challenging endeavor. One thing to consider while shopping for a blazer is proportionality. You definitely want one that will fit nicely on your body, thus enhancing confidence in yourself and joy in what you’re wearing. Joy is always the goal!

Tailored styles that fall within the hip/waistline region are often go-tos for petites, as greater balance is achieved. With the right styling, however, even looser and longer blazers can shine! Fabrication is another element of which to be mindful! For example, if you live in a warmer climate, linen and other lightweight materials can be most suitable. No matter your preference, a good petite fit is key! Honing in on sleeve length, shoulder fit, and a fitted bodice will ensure that your blazer is tailored to your petite frame.

With Jeans

A timeless bottom AND an endlessly classic layering piece? Could it get any better?! This partnership is a dream team. You can pair your favorite jeans with that blazer you always reach for (or the one you’ve always wanted to try)! Add some chunky sneakers, or flats, if those align more with your aesthetic.

If opting for high-waisted jeans, try out a cropped blazer which will flatter shorter torsos on petites and create shape. Another chic idea is to try belting the blazer if you love accessories and would like to emphasize your waistline!

As a Dress

While blazer dresses have long been around, they are certainly increasing in popularity! They are classy and structured; polished and powerful. While the sleeve length may be contingent upon the season, they are versatile choices for work or casually elevated occasions.

Knee-length and slightly shorter options can be great for those of us with shorter statures. To enhance the structure of the silhouette even further, a belt would be a nice option. Slip on your favorite heels for an elevated dinner night out look!

With Trousers and Pants

One of the most iconic duos in fashion history is the suit–blazer + trousers! Perhaps because of the ease of wear or because of the feelings elicited by wearing a coordinated set, a blazer and pant combo is an all-time favorite, especially within the professional world. The best part about this pairing is that if you have a versatile blazer, you can mix and match it with bottoms of various colors and prints.

If you want to coordinate and rock a printed pant and blazer, often smaller prints can be flattering on a petite frame! Solid black trousers are also the best foundational base and will match any blazer out there. This is just what your wardrobe was craving!

With Dresses and Skirt Sets

A simple way to elevate a dress (or a matching set) is by adding a fun layering piece–and a blazer can be just the way to do that! For a patterned look, popping on a solid blazer can create visual balance and harmony for us petites.

You can also get creative by trying out different blazer silhouettes for different types of occasions–such as cape and peplum blazers for more formal events. Oversized styles can also look great when paired with a streamlined sheath dress for a modern look!

You will never regret purchasing a blazer, especially one that is versatile and fits into your lifestyle. As a petite, it is refreshing to find just the right fit! Styling them can be a fun process and can wonderfully showcase who you are! As petites, we aren't limited! So have fun exploring different styles, silhouettes, and colors when it comes to your style.

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*Cover photo: Candesland