If you’ve never had a personal stylist before, you may be wondering if it’s even right for you or even possible as a petite woman. You may even be thinking “Aren’t personal stylists only for celebrities or those making the big bucks?” Not at all! A personal stylist can help you find your dream style, see clothes in a new light, find clothes that actually fit, understand your body, create outfits to feel your best in and encourage you to try new styles.

Today we’re discussing why a personal stylist can help you as an ordinary woman achieve the wardrobe of your dreams and ultimately find clothes that fit you - both your personality and petite body.

What makes Short Story different? If you feel like all is lost as a short gal- think again! Here at Short Story, we specialize in styling petite frames and help find flattering clothes to express your style. Our boxes are the boost you’re looking for and are styled by expert stylists who truly understand the petite struggle. Plus, we have a variety of in-house brands tailored and tested to fit the petite body type perfectly. Being petite isn’t a problem that needs solving, but is something to be celebrated!

Stylists Help You See Clothes in a New Light

You may already know that stylists help you put together fabulous outfits but they’re also here to help you challenge yourself and what you normally think clothing should be and how it should be styled. For example, a stylist can help you put together the perfect ensemble for work but they’ll also show you how to style that blazer in other ways to get the most out of that piece.

Maybe you’ve never thought you could wear a t-shirt over a dress or mix certain patterns and colors together. Getting advice from a styling professional can be what you need to give your wardrobe a new life and snag some new pieces that can help elevate what you already have!

Find Clothes That Really Fit

If you’ve been struggling with going from store to store trying to find the perfect pair of jeans or just want to find tops that fit your petite-length arms, know you are not alone. Since petites experience so many different types of fit issues, a petite stylist might be for you! When you explain to them your fit struggles, a stylist can help you find jeans that are the perfect length and a maxi dress that doesn’t drag the ground.

Finding petite pieces can be so difficult but it doesn't have to be. A petite styling company like ourselves has a variety of petite options that are made to really fit your unique petite body type. We really listen to your fit struggles and specialize in finding the best choices for your petite proportions.

Understand What Clothes Look Best on Your Body Type

Not all clothing styles look great on everyone - and that’s okay! However, we can get the struggle of trying to shop in-store (or even online) when you don’t understand what looks good on your body type. How come those flared jeans that look great on your bestie look horrendous on you? This is where a personal stylist comes into play! They can assist you in finding the right styles for your body and can show you how you can make certain styles work that you thought you could never wear.

For instance, you may think a bodycon style could never suit your apple body shape but have you tried it with a blazer that nips you in at the waist? Short Story is an expert in styling your unique body shape and we do our best to ask questions along your styling journey to send you pieces that flatter.

You Will Never Look at Your Closet & Think “I Have Nothing to Wear”

We’ve all been there. We stand in front of our closets, which are usually full of clothes, yet come to the conclusion that we have absolutely nothing to wear. Most of us do have plenty of clothes but a large portion are outdated, ill-fitting, and just don’t make sense with other pieces in our closet. A personal stylist will not only help you update your wardrobe but they will also help you fill in the gaps of what you need to make the most of what you already have.

Most importantly, a stylist will assess your body, your personal and professional image, and your lifestyle, and will work with you to curate a wardrobe that fits all of your needs, and will be organized in a way that streamlines your day-to-day life.

Stylists Will Encourage You to Try New Things

Many of us are guilty of getting into the same rut of wearing the same type of things day in and day out without thinking about trying anything new. We buy the same style of jeans for years because of course we love them but what fun is that really? The great thing about a personal stylist is that they don’t know everything about you at first and are able to bring their own unique style to the table meaning that you get to try things you’d never think of.

Don’t feel like being that wild? That’s okay! Having a stylist means having a relationship with them and by giving feedback as they style you, you ensure you’ll get “new” pieces to try that still are different for you. Either way, a stylist will get you out of your fashion rut and face your fears in a new way.

In short, a personal stylist will be a new member of your network, here to make you look and feel like the best version of yourself. Stylists can help you save precious time, money, and in some cases your sanity because they are doing the hard part of actually shopping for you. Even if you are someone who enjoys shopping, trying out a personal stylist might give you more insight into what to look for when shopping, help you try something new, and find things that fit you better.

So what are you waiting for?! Sign up to receive a Short Story box today and one of our talented petite stylists will curate a collection tailored to your body shape and preferred style.

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*Cover photo: Alexandra Eve
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